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John Reistetter

Los Angeles

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Creating product is my passion whether through architecture and the built environment or distinct furniture lines relative to trend. I am an experienced designing moments and objects that inspire and create value for my clients. I also appreciate providing leadership and guidance on collaborative projects within an entrepreneurial environment. My blended expertise of architectural interiors, furniture line development, and product manufacturing combines a unique point of view to what sells and what is current when creating product lines.



Westfield / URW, Los Angeles, CA, US, Vice President of Interiors / Interior Experience Design

- Interior Content & Corporate Brand Creation-
For the interior / exterior shell, commons area, furniture line development and the customer experience. Proud owner and implementor of the recent Westfield "Flagship" brand agenda and dining terrace aesthetic concept unique to the Westfield brand.
- Expert Design Manager of External Consultants & Project Delivery-
Have vast experience managing multiple project deliveries at different project phases and implementing flexible "stream-lined" delivery methods working with my production and construction partners.
- "Dual-Functional" Management Expertise-
Handle both "macro" and "micro" design development & management roles depending on the needs of my department's corporate goals. Managed and mentored my internal interior teams, while implementing my own work as required. Created design standards for a clear commercial grade "foundation" for my teams to successfully implement their designs.
- Commercial Grade Furniture Specialist-
For interior cafe / restaurant environments and mall furniture product lines. Design must last good durations for my operational partners while also being appropriately trend specific and aesthetically beautiful for each property's needs.
- Proud Design Executive of a "Vertically Integrated" Corporate Environment-
Working with all facets of the URW business (development, construction, leasing, mall operations, TC, and marketing) implement projects that are aesthetically pleasing, brand specific, expand the thinking of traditional retail and cafe design, and most importantly meet the required budget and yield constraints for our corporate shareholders.
- Built Multiple Projects of Different Scales-
Over my career at Westfield / URW have been responsible for the design and delivery of over (20+) projects for a total of $1.3 billion.

Dec 2004 - Apr 2020

R2, Los Angeles, CA, US, Principal

As a sole proprietor, worked with various manufacturers developing appropriate product lines for production based on their manufacturing abilities and target market, owned and marketed my own product lines (furniture, vessels, picture frames,“on-top-of-desk” storage elements, etc. for exclusive distribution to “mass” and “high-end” retailers, and worked with select residential developers to create unique living environments in New York City and Palm Springs.

Jun 2001 - Dec 2004

Silvestri California, Los Angeles, CA, US, Director of Product Development & Special Proejcts

Partnered with my identical twin brother, designed distinct product lines for Silvestri California, a retail merchandising manufacturer of mannequins, forms, custom fixtures, and furniture in addition to performing as design ambassador with its
national sales force. Grew the total sales of the company from $8m / yr to $20.M / yr in 4 years.

Jul 1997 - Jun 2001

Ad Art Company / "Design-Works", New York, NY, US, Director of Product Development & Sales

Partnered with my identical twin brother, ran a $4 million sales / design business for the Ad-Art Company, a fabric and visual merchandising company. Performed sales, marketing, and design functions with heavy concentration on alternative product design projects to gain sales with our New York City and national clients, the retail and cosmetic industry.

Jun 1994 - Jul 1997

Richard Dattner and Associates, New York, NY, US, Architect Intern

Had the pleasure of working with one of the most entrepreneurial figures in the New York City architectural scene. He, along with Horst Berger & Rosaria Piomelli were some of my most early “influential” mentors.

Sep 1991 - Jun 1994


City University of New York at City College, New York, NY, US, BArch, Architecture

Aug 1986 - Jun 1992

Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Fontainebleau, Fountainbleau, France, Summer Program- Architecture Certificate

Jun 1991 - Aug 1991


ICSC Honorable Mention- 2018- Santa Anita Laneway, Honorable Mention

Santa Anita Laneway Redevelopment- food alley concept


Westfield Project of the Year- 2017, 1st Place

Santa Anita Laneway Redevelopment- Food Alley


Westfield Project of the Year- 2015, 1st Place

Garden State Plaza Urban Premium Wing Expansion


Westfield Project of the Year- 2014, 1st Place

Valley Fair Dining Terrace Design


Westfield Project of the Year- 2012, 1st Place

Metreon Redevelopment & Dining Terrace


AIA "Young Architects Competition, 1992", Other

lecture & exhibition. youngest to win all around competition


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