Safa Mehrjui

Safa Mehrjui

New York, NY, US

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As a Persian, I want to revive and use the rich building wisdom of cultures past. As a Millennial/ Gen Z in-betweener, I struggle in realizing one practical way to approach this goal. The solutions are endless and time is running out. These vast fields of possibility, however overwhelming, are to me most reassuring. I believe that as long as strong cultural, artistic and social frameworks directs vision, no wrong paths can be chosen.



BSC architecture, Brooklyn, NY, US, Architecture Intern

3D modeling and rendering, model making, schematic drawings, redlining and editing construction documents, upgrading website content, site survey, photo documentation of finished projects.
Worked along partners Tim Bade and Jane Stageberg on following published projects:
- Mount Hope Residence (under construction)
- Catskill Arts Center (under construction)

Aug 2019 - Dec 2019


Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, BArch, Undergraduate Architecture

Aug 2015 - May 2020