Micol Romano

Micol Romano

Los Angeles, CA, US

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I am an Italian BArch graduate at Woodbury University.
I consider myself a dynamic person and able to adapt to new experiences. I think I have an excellent command of 2D-3D design, and am very well organized and productive. I have also worked on a lot of group projects and I really enjoy it.
In addition, I consider myself very detail-oriented when it comes to conceptualize and organize ideas, materials and design styles before starting to work on a proposal. Furthermore one of my main focuses when I design it is trying to
integrate environmental aspects into the project to provide natural lighting, green areas and natural ventilation systems. At Woodbury University School of Architecture, I have worked at different scales, from construction details to the building and the neighborhood. I have a strong passion for issues related to environmental sustainability, including recycled and non-toxic materials, and also for the aesthetics of a project. A housing project designed during my 3rd Year entitled ’Urban renewal through social inclusion’ has been selected
for the 2x8 Competition in 2019. This project deals with special consideration for the domestic life and the occupants’ relationship to their surroundings, students will design from inside to the outside in an effort to
contemporize the housing typology. Furthermore, I have been working as a research assistant for Jason Rebillot, a Professor of architecture in the United States who is writing a book that focuses on the revision of the workshop
entitled ‘Agronica’ that took place in 1994-1995. The initial research of this book was conducted by Rebillot at Harvard University and during that phase he began a dialogue with Andrea Branzi on this work. The primary ambition of the book is to suggest that the workshop is still very relevant in the current context of the topic of
sustainability and probably even more relevant than it was in 1994-1995.



Woodbury University, Burbank, CA, US, BArch, Architecture

Aug 2016 - Aug 2020

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