Erik Foss

Erik Foss

New York, NY, US

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I am a recent graduate of Virginia Tech's M.Arch 3 program, actively seeking my first employment in the field amidst the Covid-19 outbreak, in New York City. Open-minded and eager to learn, I am excited for experience in firms large or small. I have an affinity for Nordic design, its beguiling simplicity underlaid by deep complexity, which stems from my Norwegian heritage. I was educated on traditional hand-drafting and model-making, but am capable of working on a computer as well.


Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), Blacksburg, VA, US, MArch, MArch 3

Educated on the principles of parallel projection and drawing by construction. As a polytechnic university, Virginia Tech imparts a curriculum that is grounded both on theory and practice, and realizing that I had my whole life for practice, I was drawn very much towards expanding my knowledge of theory and abstract design. VT focused on the education of an architect over an architectural education, teaching us how to think like an architect.

While at VT I had the opportunity to travel to Ticino, Switzerland, where I spent a semester at the Riva San Vitale Residency Program. Acting as a home base for extensive European travel, the Steger Center at Riva housed studio space, a library, and dormitory living in an 18th century villa.

Aug 2016 - Feb 2020


Walter and Helen Beale Scholarship, Award

"Outstanding M.Arch 3.2 Student"


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