Pedro Siqueira Lopes

Pedro Siqueira Lopes

São Paulo, BR

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I have asked myself more times than I can remember: what is architecture? What purpose does it serve?

I have read dozens of answers to these questions by architects, journalists and enthusiasts, and each one feels equally beautiful yet incomplete.

It is not about seeking to be arrogant, or insinuating that someone may be, but these questions are essential for me, since the search for their answers defines the architect that I wish to become. 

I have always loved Interdisciplinary work. Is there anything more fun than attempting to unite creativity and technique while dealing with historical, geographical and societal contexts? (...) There probably is, but it fascinates me to identify problems, reflect on constraints, and propose tangible, encompassing solutions. On multiple levels. On all levels. 

Some years ago I joined an extraordinary group of people that share my same passion. With time and practice we have continued developing our own answers and discovering our own pathways. 

What purpose does architecture serve? Ask for whom it serves.

The client’s personal constraints are critical, whether they be motivated by desire or necessity. A well-executed project provides atmospheres that fulfill the client’s practical and emotional needs.

And it is exactly for this reason that I come here to introduce myself to your company. I feel that my desire to learn and my curiosity for new experiences obligate me today to search for new vacancies. New and greater journeys.

In searching for a new beginning, I am not only looking to complete my answers, but perhaps also to find new questions.



Quatro Fatorial Arquitetura e Urbanismo, Londrina, PR, Architect

Architect responsible for developing project phases (preliminary, legal, and executive); managing and running worksites; organizing the office’s financial and operational development; all in addition to coordinating the company’s digital marketing strategies. Team member responsible for assembling and installing the firm’s Parklets.

Mar 2017 - current


Universidade Estadual de Londrina, Londrina, BR, BArch, Architecture and Urbanism

Undergraduate Degree in Architecture and Urbanism.
Universidade Estadual de Londrina (UEL).

Student coordinator for the Laboratory of Environmental Comfort through a teaching project with the Center of Technology and Urbanism at UEL.

Feb 2010 - Mar 2017


2nd Place in the Article Competition for Viès Arquitetônico magazine., 2nd Place

Article titled: “O muro, o lúdico e seus elementos de transição” (Walls, recreation, and their elements of transition).


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