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Jay Patel

Atlanta, GA, US

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My architectural education offered me an outlook on various prospective of architecture and urbanism with social and cultural values. I am a curious person who is inquisitive about cities and people and passionate about art. The same character of mine has developed my keen interest in the interrelation of art and design. I have been trying to explore the same since I started making sense of it and I would want to be persistent in exploring it. Architecture is the field that has been bridging the gap between city planning and urban design and is closely related to the human aspects of urbanism. I believe that it is the zest and zeal that can modulate individual passion into a wave of enthusiasm for execution. Change is inevitable and the only constant. Accepting and yet innovating remains my core idea of growth and development. The encouragement required to keep the zeal burning can be best gathered by the empowerment of education. I am a certified Architect in India and am currently on the path of getting my license in the United states - working as an Architectural Designer and exploring the field of design with utmost dedication have shaped me into a person who is passionate, curious, and persistent.



tvsdesign, Atlanta, GA, Associate

- Innovate and refine design concepts based on given criteria.
- Incorporate feedback to optimize designs effectively.
- Work seamlessly with team members, contributing to the best project approaches.
- Actively participate in decision-making processes collaboratively.
- Enhance technical skills in Adobe Creative Suite, AutoCAD, Bluebeam, Revit, Rhino, Enscape, Sketchup, and other 3D modeling and rendering programs.
- Adapt and utilize legacy programs for project success.
- Lead small teams on a task-by-task basis, ensuring efficient project outcomes.
- Exhibit strong project management skills for successful task completion.
- Develop and maintain positive client relationships.
- Engage with clients to understand and address their needs effectively.
- Actively participate in internal and external professional development activities and initiatives.
- Stay informed about industry trends, methodologies, and best practices.
- Cultivate and sustain a robust professional network within the industry.
- Attend industry-relevant events aligned with firm goals.
- Provide mentorship to team members, fostering their professional growth.
- Contributes to a positive team culture and collaborative work environment.
- Execute any additional duties as assigned, showcasing adaptability and a proactive approach.

In this role, I am dedicated to delivering architectural solutions of the highest quality, leveraging my skills, leadership capabilities, and commitment to continuous professional development.

Sep 2023 - current

Pomarico Design Studio Architecture, PLLC · Full-time, Newburgh, NY, US, Architectural Designer


• Collaborated with healthcare administrators, project managers, and key team members at pds architecture, pllc to deliver exceptional design solutions, showcasing independent problem-solving abilities and innovation.
• Executed a wide range of design tasks, including sketching, cost estimation, drafting construction documents, creating presentations, and conducting research on Building Codes and Standards.
• Translated rough sketches and oral instructions into complex schematic drawings, leveraging extensive knowledge of architectural terminology, methods, practices, and techniques.
• Played a key role in the team working on a new Interventional Radiology, Ralf Lauren cancer center, MSK Ct scanner project/s in New York City.
• Led design efforts for major hospital master plans in New York and Connecticut, demonstrating strong analytical and design skills.
Successfully collaborated on significant projects, including the Master Facility Plan for a Gaylord rehabilitation hospital in Connecticut and a campus Master plan for Montefiore in New York, achieving project success through analytical & design expertise.
• Currently leading the design and project management for a complex Emergency Department Project in NJ, involving extensive phasing.
• Committed to integrating analytics and design to create transformative healthcare experiences for providers and patients.
• Received positive feedback for research work, timely response, presentations, and collaboration with other consultants such as interior, structural, landscape, and signage designers, consistently striving to produce engaging and informative content.

• Gaylord specialty healthcare - Master Plan
• Montefiore St. Luke’s Cornwall - Master Plan
• HMH Palisades Medical Center - ED Expansion
• Gaylord - Research/Residency Institution
• Montefiore Nyack Hospital - Butterfly suite
• MSK IR Upgrades & 53rd Street CT scanner
• MSK - Ralph Lauren center
• Harding Hills LLC - Master Plan

Jun 2021 - Sep 2023

New York Institute of Technology, New York, NY, US, Graduate Assistant


• Mentored and provided guidance to a diverse group of over 117 international students, ensuring their seamless integration into life at the New York Institute of Technology and the American culture.
• Actively encouraged and facilitated the enrollment of 17 students from India, fostering a sense of community and inclusivity within the university.
• Assisted international students with their CPT and OPT applications, providing guidance and support throughout the process.
• Produced reports for service-learning classes, gaining insights into students' perspectives and enhancing program effectiveness.
• Collaborated with community consultants on projects aimed at promoting the public good and contributing to the STEM after-school program.
• Leveraged my architectural background to design brochures, posters, and invitations for the annual IEE celebration, showcasing creativity and attention to detail.
• Provided assistance with office tasks including scanning, printing, and other day-to-day activities, ensuring smooth operations.
• Spearheaded a comprehensive research project to assess student perceptions of teachers, culminating in a detailed conclusion report. Developed a strategic solution plan based on the findings, equipping faculty members with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide effective student support and academic intervention.
• The implementation of the solution plan led to a remarkable 40% improvement in the effectiveness of support programs, elevating the overall student experience and enhancing success rates.
• Utilized targeted interventions and proactive support strategies, contributing to a notable 15% increase in student success rates.

Oct 2019 - Sep 2020

TRA studio Architecture PLLC · Internship, New York, NY, US, Architectural intern


• Assisted Partners and Senior Architects in preparing construction documents and presentation materials for mixed-use buildings in Brooklyn and Manhattan.
• Attended meetings with various agencies, gaining insights into the design development process and selection criteria.
• Compiled project schedules and coordinated with the team to ensure timely completion of deliverables.
• Worked collaboratively in a networked Revit environment, utilizing advanced techniques and creating custom families.
• Conducted research on facade design and rain screening, contributing to the development of a high-rise building facade in Brooklyn.
• Acquired practical knowledge in architectural documentation, project coordination, and advanced Revit techniques.
• Worked on Presentations for clients & participated in Design decision meetings.
• Demonstrated strong attention to detail, adaptability, and effective teamwork.


• One clove park, Mixed used Building
• Mixed-used high rise in Brooklyn - Facade Study

Jun 2020 - Jul 2020

Homyx consultants · Freelance, Surat, IN, Designer


• Designed sustainable and modular interior for Homyx Consultants' IT office, delivering the project within a tight timeframe
• Integrated eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient lighting, and efficient HVAC systems to prioritize sustainability
• Created a flexible and adaptable modular layout to accommodate various functions and promote collaboration
• Selected furniture, color schemes, and ergonomic features to enhance employee well-being and productivity
• Successfully communicated and coordinated with stakeholders for seamless project execution
• Showcased Homyx Consultants' commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility through the final design
• Met functional requirements while meeting project deadlines and delivering high-quality results.
• Successfully coordinated with a client to develop the design, cost estimation, and construction drawings for a 10,000 SF project.
• Utilized AutoCAD, SketchUp, and Lumion to create over 50 detailed working drawings and realistic 3D renderings, effectively saving one month of the scheduled time for the project.
• Developed a concept and proposal for a modular office design. Implemented sustainable architecture practices, addressed structural concerns, and achieved a 25% reduction in construction time and material costs.
• Demonstrated leadership by leading a team of 7 in the development of a comprehensive risk management plan. Identified and mitigated potential risks, resulting in cost savings for the company and increasing customer satisfaction rates by 25%.
• Implemented streamlined change management and change order processes for 3 major construction projects. Tracked progress and submitted weekly progress reports to stakeholders, resulting in improved communication and increased project efficiency by 20%.

Apr 2019 - Dec 2019

Eco development research cell, Ahmedabad, IN, Designer


• Conducted comprehensive case studies and surveys of existing residential facilities to gather data and insights for the design of an Integrated Community Home for marginalized individuals in urban areas.
• Developed a flexible master plan for the campus, considering the unique needs and requirements of the target population and ensuring adaptability to various contexts in India.
• Utilized research findings and design principles to create innovative architectural designs for buildings within the community home, focusing on functionality, sustainability, and promoting a sense of community.
• Collaborated with multidisciplinary teams, including engineers, social workers, and stakeholders, to integrate their expertise and perspectives into the design process.
• Presented design concepts and proposals to project stakeholders, effectively communicating the vision and benefits of the Integrated Community Home.
• Ensured compliance with relevant building codes, regulations, and sustainability standards throughout the design and development phases.
• Demonstrated strong problem-solving skills and adaptability by making minor improvisations to architectural designs to accommodate specific contextual requirements.

Aug 2018 - Jun 2019

Aangan Architects, Surat, IN, Intern


During my 24-week internship with Aangan Architects in Surat, India, I gained valuable experience in the field of architecture. I had the opportunity to work on diverse projects, including architectural buildings and urban design projects. Throughout my internship, I actively participated in different stages of the design process, collaborating with senior architects and assisting in the development of design concepts, schematic drawings, and construction documentation. I also gained hands-on experience in conducting site visits, gathering measurements, and preparing site analysis reports. This internship provided me with practical exposure to the architectural industry and further honed my skills in design and project coordination.


• Redevelopment of Dumas Chopaty, Surat
• Development of Floral Park, Surat
• Redevelopment of 3 Major roads of Katargarm, Surat
• Bungalow for Dr. Maulik Patel, Surat
• Bungalow for Mr. Jatin Patel, Surat
• Academic Blocks & lab building at S.R. University, Raipur

Jan 2018 - Aug 2018


New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), New York, NY, US, MArch, Masters in Architecture

Grade: A (GPA - 4.0/4.0)

Sep 2019 - May 2021

Institute of Architecture and Planning, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, IN, BArch, Bachelor of Architecture

First class with Distinction

Aug 2014 - Jul 2019


Associate AIA, Other

AIA number: 393024**
7/12/21 – 12/31/23


LEED Green Associate, Other

GBCI#: 00115846**
12/5/2023 - 12/4/2025


Certified Architect, India, Other

1/17/22 - 12/31/31


“No Ordinary Journey” Contest winner, 2nd Place

Issued by IEE at New York Institute of Technology · Mar 2021


Outstanding International student award 2020-21, 1st Place

Issued by New York Institute of Technology) · Jan 2021


Graduate award for Excellence in Architectural Design - NYIT, 1st Place

Issued by SoAD at New York Institute of Technology) · May 2021


Student leadership and Service Award, 1st Place

Issued by New York Institute of Technology) · May 2021


Outstanding Graduate student of the year 2019-20, 1st Place

Issued by Student Life Award by Student Leadership and Service Awards · May 2020


Graduate Assistant of the year 2019-20, 1st Place

Issued by Student Employment · Apr 2020


Responsible citizen fellowship Awardee, 1st Place

Issued by eco-development and research cell for designing an integrated community living · Jan 2019


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