Julien Legeard

Julien Legeard

Brooklyn, NY, US



The Prestige Group is an interior design and architecture studio founded in 2011 and directed by Julien Legeard.

Our work is based on the specific and unique conditions that each project has, the context and the aspirations of the client.

Each project is a search for deep substance, to create a calm, protective and even healing atmosphere, which we achieve with time and passion. We enjoy it.

Our job is to create carefully carved voids and volumes with geometries, lines and circulations, which together with noble materials we achieve an architecture that is silent, serene and warm, where the light rests and people find refuge and emotion.

We pursue a timeless and simple architecture by optimizing both natural and economic resources.

We work together with the client to achieve the best synthesis of concept, function and beauty of spaces where life takes shape naturally.



The Prestige Group, New York, NY, US, Founder

Jan 2014 - current

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