Leslie Maynard

Leslie Maynard

Oregon City, OR, US



Hello,  I am the HR/Office Manager at YGH Architects.  I've been with YGH for 4+ years but have known the firm for over 20 years in my prior role at Glumac engineering.  YGH has grown in the time I've been here, I've found it interesting to meet the candidates and view their portfolios.

We are fortunate to have many talented employees that have a wide variety of complex projects to design and build.  I also process the renewal of our JUST label which has been a rewarding project for me as corporations become more equitable for everyone.



Glumac, Portland, OR, US, Payroll and Benefits Specialist

At Glumac I progressed over time from the bookkeeper, office manager, business manager, helped set up the office in Seattle and then worked to assist the merger of the 5 offices into one corporation in 2000. After the merger I worked in the accounting department processing the company-wide payroll, insurance benefits and other HR related accounting tasks.

Oct 1987 - May 2015

Areas of Specialization