Jayati Sinha

Jayati Sinha

Pasadena, CA, US

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Design is creating the life of tomorrow; for me the most exciting profession.

A fortune teller told my mother that I would do something with “scissors” when I grow up. Back in the day, the only interpretation was that I would become a surgeon.

Here I am, still carrying that fortune with me, but instead of flesh, I cut materials; instead of mending with medicine, I heal with emotions. I stitch experiences to give individuals a voice.

As a kid, I was inspired by a fashion designer in a Disney TV show. Designing was like being the creator of the world. To my young mind, Barbie costumes were the epitome of design. Of course, with time I realized that there is more to the world than just pretty dresses. I also started playing with new gadgets and technological things that my dad, a scientist, brought from his foreign trips. My amazement at building something from scratch grew into a desire to blend technology and mindsets to make experiences better for people.

As I became curious as to why things are done and the way they are done, I started questioning the stereotypes and beliefs that inform our day to day practices. My approach as a designer is to lead from anecdotes rather than any cultural dogma. I am a model maker, but I don’t just make pretty things, I design for dialogue.



ArtCenter College of Design, Masters, Graduate Environmental Design

Sep 2017 - Apr 2019


ICFF 2019, 1st Place


IWF, 1st Place