Chen-ling Tsao

Chen-ling Tsao

Brooklyn, NY, US

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ChenLing is a New York based interior designer with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Art. Her interests of space and human behavior inspire her to pursue the dream of exploring more in the interior design field.

The interior design MFA program at Parsons offers ChenLing opportunities to redefine the boundary between art and design. She prefers the organically geometric shapes, breaking down the rigid structure by introducing the curvature. She tries to create the space with simple form that change people's experience. The diverse background let her think differently, and she wants to bring this versatility into her work. 


Nancy Davidson, New York, NY, US, Freelance Exhibition Designer

I worked with the artist Nancy Davidson who is an American sculpture for her solo-exhibition in Florida. I assisted Nancy with the exhibition design and design drawings for constructing one of her interior sculpture.

Aug 2017 - Oct 2017

Archilier, New York, NY, US, Summer Intern

I was responsible for helping the project designer to produce drawings for a hotel project in Time Square called Cachet Time Square. I produced plans, sections, elevations, and 3D modeling.

May 2017 - Jun 2017

Decent Design, Taiwan, TW, Interior Project Manager

I was responsible for all of the project managing and design works in mostly residential projects. I went through all phases of the project from site measuring, concept development, presentation, design, to construction management. In these four years, I oversaw more than ten projects individually or collaboratively depending on the scale of the work. Additionally, because of my major in visual art in college, I was in charge of all the graphic design works, such as branding, and visualization.

Jul 2012 - Jul 2016

Apple Daily, Taiwan, TW, Part-Time Graphic Designer

I was responsible for producing the graphic design for 10 restaurants, including menus, advertisements, and branding materials a month. Because Apple Daily was the biggest newspaper in Taiwan, I had the chance to learn about many different kinds of restaurant and their branding and interior design, which inspired my passion to work as an interior designer. I was responsible for producing the graphic design for restaurants, including menu, advertisement, and branding.

Aug 2009 - Feb 2011


The New School, New York, NY, US, Masters, MFA interior design

My study at Parsons encourages my conceptual and critical thinking which pushes me to think outside of the box. I am especially interested in working with people from other fields. During the working experience with the American artist Nancy Davidson for her solo exhibition in Florida, I and Nancy work collaboratively, and our insights from different perspectives resulted in an incredible exhibition. Through projects individually or in groups, Parsons helps me to better cooperate in a team environment and adapt to various working cultures. I find myself adaptable and spontaneous yet can work efficiently and express my own ideas with diverse presentation skills.

Sep 2016 - May 2018

The University of Taipei, Taipei, TW, Bachelors, BFA Visual Art

Sep 2008 - Jun 2012



Students and faculty members at The New School’s Parsons School of Design worked with designer Tom Dixon and innovators from IKEA, including Head of Design/Design Manager Marcus Engman and Creative Leader James Futcher, during a four-day workshop at Parsons.