Karen OBrien

Karen OBrien

Los Angeles, CA, US

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I'm a mature-adult, recent graduate of USC with a MAT/TESOL whom speaks French, Italian and some Spanish, as well as possesses fantastic linguistic abilities in others.  I have excellent math and computer skills in many software programs, including word processing, digital rendering, and accounting.  With 30 years of Financial Industry background and can be of benefit.  My concurrent career with teaching is as an Interior Designer, and with a BFA I can also teach art, which is one of my passions. Event planning is something that I’ve had some experience in, as well as “staging”, as well as set design. I’m extremely organized and thorough and my nature is to be persevering and tenacious, while I pursue my goals.  I enjoy the one-on-one relationship and the enrichment and scaffolding it provides



University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, CA, US, Masters, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

• Assisted 17 English Language Learners with shared backgrounds and heritage language.
• Develop a differentiated curriculum for English Language Learners with intermittent groupings in which students identified phonological differences between the two languages, and practiced challenging vocabulary.
• Apply theory to English Language Learners instruction, tailoring lessons to meet the needs of students based on their literacy proficiency in their Zone of Proximal Development.
• Design and deliver two episodic lesson plans for students that, upon completion, led to increased reading and writing competencies and improved reclassification scores.
• Mentor two struggling English Language Learners year long and implemented strategies to improve their comprehension and writing in preparation for CIELT exam.
• Create and implement California standards-based curriculum to teach lessons on topics including exchanging and expressing ideas collaboratively and modifying amidst assessment.
• Affectively introduced age appropriate and culturally relevant topics in the form of Heritage Language Learning to produce meaningful output facilitated through Project Based Instruction.
• Mentor an adult Spanish Language Learner in acquisition and improved reading, speaking, listening, and writing competencies by 50%, allowing the student to progress to the next level.
• Provide differentiated scaffolding in the form of mediator, while providing support as a note-taker, facilitating maximum comprehension

May 2016 - May 2017

Palomar Community College, San Marcos, CA, US, French

Sustainable Architecture

Oct 2013 - May 2016

Design Institute of San Diego, San Diego, CA, US, Bachelors, BFA; Interior Design

• Manage multiple projects simultaneously including a residential bathroom remodel, Fashion Valley Runway Show, and Oceanside Public Library, to finish.
• Ensure expert customer service and sales skills to acquire vendor support and coordination.
• Employ target marketing techniques to honor the clients brand, reflecting in the unique use of materials, producing aesthetically pleasing and functional environments and events

Jan 2009 - May 2013

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