Kristina Soteri

Kristina Soteri

Brooklyn, NY, US

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My passion for design began with the computer game The Sims. I quickly realized I spent more effort designing the spaces for the characters to live in than the livelihoods of said characters. Fast forward fifteen years and I am enthralled by the knowledge that the spaces you design for ‘the characters’ DO in fact improve their livelihoods. This became my key concept throughout my school projects; what can the space do for the user?  

I take great interest in the design of visually compelling spaces but equally so in the tremendous impact design plays in immersing one into part of a story.I strive to design beautiful spaces with a strong emphasis on sustainability. It is my goal to become a team member to an architecture, interior design or real estate development company from which I can continually learn and contribute too. I believe my hardworking, team oriented, organized and determined characteristics will make me a great addition to any team.


MKG, New York, Design Assistant

Projects Worked : Nike, New Balance, Target, Mozilla, Google, Peloton, ShopBop
• Assist in the design execution of creative brand experiences
• Conceptualize brand KPI’s and create visual mood-boards
• Create high quality 3D and 2D visualizations and renderings
• Design interactive photo booth sets, GIF templates and social media overlays
• Take creative direction and apply that feedback to visual form
• Source appropriate FFF&E to fit concept and budget
• Assist with on-site load-in and event set up

May 2017 - Dec 2017

3F Living, New York, NY, US, Junior Designer

• Prepared client presentations and mood-boards
• Sourced suppliers and FFF&E to select cost-effective products
• Worked directly with clients to address project needs and ensure satisfaction
• Worked with design team to manage workload and maintain project schedule
• Developed and maintained organization practices for project files and tasks
• Scheduled and oversaw site visits / installations with vendors and contractors

Feb 2017 - May 2017

Highline Residential, New York, NY, Real Estate Salesperson

• Conducted client walk throughs of spaces appropriate to their needs
• Collected, organized and reviewed confidential documents, contracts and
paperwork to ensure client approval

May 2016 - Nov 2016


Aug 2013 - Dec 2016


IDEC Student Design Competition Finalist, Other

Undergraduate Finalist


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