Amedeo Costa

Amedeo Costa

Rome, Italy



Mr. Amedeo Costa, who got his master's degree in engineering and architecture in Rome at the University “La Sapienza”, Joined the Board of Engineers of Rome at no. 7321il23/6/1969, he's the General Manager and Owner of the PRO.GE.CO. Contractor Company and its Interiors department: They owns complex and extensive experience, both managerial and technical, in industries ranging from industrial works (construction of industrial plants, roads, bridges, railway stations), maritime works (ports, excavations , cliffs, overgrown ferry), housing, hotels and hospitals, providing turnkey jobs at the highest level. Since 1970 years onwards, the company was able to achieve considerable success in Italy as well as abroad, where they established in countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Zaire - now the Republic Congo - in Africa, and Belgium, Spain, Great Britain and Switzerland in Europe. Together with its Studio of Engineering and Architecture LIGEIA, the PRO.GE.CO. S.r.l has performed, with its own workforce, highly skilled works of great prestige in the fields of construction, renovation and turnkey furnishing. 
The organization has a technical staff for construction on site, with specialists in the field of prefabrication system, who coordinates the staff of engineers and architects specialized in the field, in interior decoration, civil and naval, in restructuring of civil and industrial buildings, and, among other things, in design and restructuring of Bank Branches, Hotels and luxurious Mansions and Palaces.
Many of the works listed below are the result of design, construction supervision, all performed directly and through the Company’s specialized staff.
Below are some of the design, construction, renovation and furnishing works realized in Italy and abroad, by the Company "PRO.GE.CO. Srl""Ligeia" and its affiliates and specialized staff.
Some of the works performed are visible at the following web address:



Sapienza - Università di Roma, Rome, Italy, Bachelors, Ingegneria Civile Edile Settore Architettura

Jan 1961 - Jan 1967

Areas of Specialization