Lorenzo Carletti

Lorenzo Carletti

Florence, IT



Dear Sir/Madame,

My name is Lorenzo Carletti and I’m a new graduate at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence in a five year second cycle degree in Architecture. During these years, I have learned about the history and design of architecture, the concept of space, the relationship between architecture and place, people and culture. I have had the chance to study in Florence and to meet great professionals in the field, focusing mainly on sustainable architecture, both for environmental purposes and for energy saving solutions. Over the years, my research was concentrated on the architectural composition and design, focusing both on residential buildings and on public ones, always with the aim to translate into modern language the concepts of “Utilitas-Firmitas-Venustas” of the Italian school, drawing from the influences of the 20th century. I have learned to solve the various architectural issues with passion, methodology and hard work, developing my personal way of seeing architecture in the world today.

I am meticulous, with a strong sense of duty and I am sure to be able to successfully sustain the workload that this new course of study will demand. I learn quickly and with enthusiasm, and I enjoy both working alone and teamwork. Furthermore, my problem solving skills are excellent. Having both played and coached football since I was a child, university has confirmed what I have always believed: a great result can only be achieved with sacrifices and dedication; a team can reach amazing goals if built with harmony, communication, and a common purpose.

I have just completed a Master program in Sustainable Architecture organized by the Italian National Institute of Architecture in Rome. This experience was focused on providing theoretical and practical tools in order to develop an integrated approach to architectural design. The dialogue between architecture, design software and technology will serve as the foundation of a clear vision of built

space, as an interface between matter and information, between body and site, between local and global. By learning a new approach based on reuse and transformation of what already exists, i improved my design methodology to reduce the ecological footprint of the building system.Through the synthesis laboratory i had a chance to applicate my know- ledge acquired in a concrete case study: the recovery and retraining of a township in Rome through a strategy of citizen involvement. In addition to the ecological efficiency of the housing system, it will be developed the recovery of the urban space and a sustainable smart community project.

I think that your specialized course and your project that intends to create a new professional profile by enriching the already recognized Energy Auditor with skills, competences and knowledge enabling Architects to become a European energy auditors and renovators rappresents for me an incredible opportunity to learn new aspetcs of this rewarding career and continue my grow path.

Thank you for taking the time to review my application. I look forward to your response. Yours sincerely, 

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