Stanislas Chaillou

Stanislas Chaillou

Cambridge, MA, US



Stanislas Chaillou is an architect, designer and AI-researcher working today at Rayon. His practice, publications, teaching and exhibits tackle the back-and-forth between geometry, artificial intelligence (AI) and culture. Trained both as an architect and an applied-AI researcher at Harvard and EPFL, Stanislas' interests lie in the weaving of design and computation.

Stanislas is today the co-founder of Rayon, a Paris-based startup building the next generation of space design tools. Through its collaborative, online platform, Rayon aspires to provide an updated toolset to the "architecture of the 90%".

Previously, Stanislas worked as an Architect & Senior Data Scientist at Spacemaker’s R&D department, and as a Machine Learning Engineer at Helix and Stanislas also taught generative AI at the architecture school IAAC, in Barcelona.


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In the wake of artificial intelligence’s recently popularized presence in the architectural field and beyond, many are pondering what changes may be on the horizon in the discipline, if any. For Stanislas Chaillou, AI’s dissemination in architecture may refocus the profession’s attention on ...

When Form Follows Meanings: AI’s Semantic Turn in Architecture


Harvard University, BArch, MArch I

Jan 2017 - current