Jiaying Mu

Jiaying Mu

Los Angeles, CA, US

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Majoring in Landscape Architecture, I have recently received a master's degree from University of Southern California. Obtaining 6 years of study and 1 year internship in this profession, I have developed a attitude to connect, create memories, generate culture and improve lives in urban environments. I have focused on creating concise landscape designs that contain outstanding power to encourage reflection and provide unique experiences through overall iconic moves manipulating terrain, planting, and structures. I have realized the significance to create identity through unique regional designs. My graduate thesis combining geodata mapping and analysis techniques discussed methods that represent the lost beauties in heavily urbanized Los Angeles. I have also applied various scales of design thinking in every project engaging multiple systems, expanding boundaries of sites. Projects briefly introduced in my portfolio demonstrate the intentions above. I am more than happy to have further discussions with you regarding the designs. In addition, I have work experience in a branding and interior design firm, practiced other design projects ranging graphic, book topography and package designs. Design is seriously
involved in my everyday life.

Having developed strong design and production skills, I am proficient with latest versions of design softwares including AutoCAD, Adobe creative suite, Office, Rhino, Sketchup, Vray, ArcGIS. Besides, I acquire excellent techniques regarding physical designs including but not exclusive to hand drawing, modeling and fabrication. I believe that I have a developed aesthetic perception and ability implementing control of language creating visual tension to support concept

I am confident describing myself as a responsible leader, conscientious producer, respectful listener, and a warm heart friend. Working in a team, I am reliable, motivated, independent to perform tasks with high quality on time. I am a curious person, earnest to obtain the most creative while critical answers. I am also a lively person, spreading joy and seeking fun out of every piece of work.


Grand Visualization, Los Angeles, CA, US, Architectural Visionary Designer

Sep 2017 - current

Office of the Designed Landscape, Los Angeles, CA, US, Freelance Landscape Designer

Aug 2017 - current


University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, CA, US, Masters, Master of Landscape Architecture

Aug 2015 - May 2017

Beijing Forestry University, Beijing, CN, Bachelors, Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture

Aug 2011 - Jun 2015

Areas of Specialization