Neven Sidor

Neven Sidor

London, GB



Since joining Grimshaw in 1981, Neven has led design teams on 21 major completed projects, 6 of them international. Career highlights include the Stirling Prize shortlisted Bijlmer Station in Amsterdam, and the Mies van de Rohe Award winning Waterloo International Terminal. He is currently a member of the Stewardship Group, which oversees the values, ethos and standing of the practice, both internally and externally.


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Brexit Diaries: Neven Sidor of Grimshaw, 19 June 2017, Mon, Jun 19 '17

“They need us more than we need them”. My blood boils when I hear this delusional nonsense repeated by politicians who should know better. It doesn’t matter how many cars Audi, Mercedes, Porsche and BMW sell into the UK, they sell a hell of a lot more to the rest of the world ...

Brexit Diaries: Neven Sidor of Grimshaw, 19 June 2017


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