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Eric Ohr

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I am a licensed architect.  Most of my experience is in the Hospitality genre.  I have a lot of experience coordinating project teams consisting of MEP/FP, low voltage, food service, structural, lighting, geotechnical, civil, audio visual, acoustic, lighting, exterior wall and roofing, signage and way-finding, interior designers and specification writers.  I am “hands on” with documentation production.  I am versed in AUTOCAD and have completed construction documents on projects with the internal project team using REVIT.

I have experience in doing all aspects of a project from negotiating the contract for architectural services to preparing sketches in AUTOCAD to answer construction RFIs.

I am looking for a position commensurate with my abilities and talents.  Salary requirements are negotiable.



Eric M. Ohr  AIA, LEED AP                                                                             
83 Slate Lane                                               
Levittown, New York 11756
Home (516)796-7290 Cell  (516) 749-4711
Registered Architect, State of New York 1983, LEED AP  2015

Work Experience:
2013 to 2017          HOK - Senior Associate
2006 to 2013          BBG-BBGM - Senior Associate
2005 to 2006          BBG-BBGM - Staff Architect
1998 to 2005          William B. Tabler Architects - Principal
1983 to 1998          William B. Tabler Architects – Associate
1978 to 1983          William B. Tabler Architects – Staff Architect 
Responsibilities at HOK - Fulfill  role as Project Architect for all projects assigned.
Responsibilities at BBG-BBGM - Fulfill  role as Project Architect for all projects assigned.
Responsibilities at William B, Tabler Architects - William B. Tabler Architects is a solely owned corporation (family owned business) The firm has a long history in hospitality design.
Administrative responsibilities include Personnel Management, Office Facilities Management, Office Policy and Standards Management, Fee Proposals and Contract Negotiating.
Project Management.  Work with clients to understand and meet their program requirements.  Assemble project design teams.  Provide planning, design, presentation sketches.  Provide all in-house coordination and coordination with outside consultants (and designers).  Schedule and supervise document production. Project estimating.
Constantly evolving the document production process to improve efficiency and to produce clear, unequivocal information.

395 Hudson Street, New York, NY - Building Lobby and Entrance Remodeling with new tenant spaces on 5th Floor.  Challenges: The proposed tenant space is large and deep with only 1 means of  egress.  Planning must consider code requirements under the New York City 1968 Building Code with special Building Department rulings.
Citigroup Corporate Conference Center, Armonk, NY - Refinishing of 3 campus buildings with coordination of new state of the art IT and AV requirements with accessibility compliance upgrades.  Challenges: Work  within strict itemized budget provided by the client and perform all remodeling work within a 3 month shut down period.
825  Seventh Avenue, New York, NY - Building Lobby and Office Entrance remodeling, new retail façade and replacement of all office windows in this combination office/condominium building.  Challenges:  Latest code requires more fresh air for the Lobby which required tight coordination of mechanical and structural trades to provide a new modern façade and marquee.

Long Island Marriott Lobby Renovations, Uniondale, NY - To update the facility and bring it in line with the adjacent Nassau Coliseum Remodeling, the first phase of this complete hotel remodeling consisted of presenting a “new face” to the public with renovation of the Lobby, Food and Beverage Facilities and Entrance Canopy.  Challenges - Client’s rate of expenditure had limitations which meant continuous evaluation of the budget and paring down the project to meet investors expectations.
Al Faisaliah Hotel, Riyadl, Saudi Arabia - Complete renovation of Hotel Guestrooms, Suites, Corridors and Public Spaces.  Challenges - Elevate this dated 5 star property to 6 stars complete with state of the art electronic controls for IT, Lighting and AV in all rooms.


Texas Medical Center, Dallas, TX - New 350 room Intercontinental Hotel in Dallas, TX.  Challenges - Zoning requires this facility to have approximately 700 parking spaces on a limited foot print with a high water table with hotel entrance required at grade.  Additionally, the building abuts a new condominium to be constructed concurrently.  The condominium and Hotel are to share certain specific facilities and connections.  This required placing the garage levels between the Ground Floor Lobby and it’s related functions and the Meeting and Guestroom Levels.  Design Development completed August 2015.  Presently under construction.
Full Service Hotel, Jersey City, New Jersey – Principal in charge for a 430 room, 23 story full service hotel.  Won project with an informal competition. Designed and planned.  Construction Documents completed 2002.  Challenges:  Planned a functional hotel with 23,000 sq. ft. of meeting space on a tight trapezoidal site bound by the Jersey City Trolley on the west side and having a PSE&G easement on the north side.  Worked with client (who is also the general contractor) to use construction materials and methods to meet their project goals.  Completed June 2008
Smyth Hotel, New York, NY - New Hotel and Condominium.  Aided design team with peer review.  Completed 2007
Le Meridien Hotel. Cairo, Egypt (now the Hyatt Hotel) – Project Architect and Associate in charge for 870 room, 40 story hotel complete with up-scale food court of various cuisines, meeting and banquet facilities, theatrical facilities and revolving restaurant.  Executed project details and traveled to Cairo to coordinate with local engineering consultants and contractors. Commission won in competition in 1991.  Construction started 1996.  Completed 2002.  Challenges:  After the commencement of construction, the client altered the project program to sink the garage 14 meters into the ground adjacent to the Nile River and create a boutique urban shopping mall.  Documents were revised and coordinated in a timely fashion to keep the project progressing.  Dealt with the cultural and methodology issues that come from an international cast of players.  
Brooklyn Renaissance Plaza, Brooklyn, N.Y. – As an Associate, aided the associate in charge in setting up the construction documents and initiating the exterior wall detailing.  Completed 1999. Challenges:  Setting parameters for one of the first office projects to be completely executed in AutoCAD.  
Stouffer Riviera Hotel, Chicago (now the Renaissance) – Project Architect and Associate in charge for a 630 room, 28 story full service hotel on the Chicago River directly across from Marina Towers.  Coordinated the production of the construction documents and administrated the project to completion.  Made trips to the site for project review, value engineering and troubleshooting.  Completed 1992.  Challenges: Project’s Design Development was executed in AutoCAD.  Pulled   project from AutoCAD and executed by hand drafting to maintain project schedule and quality.
Meridian Mayapada, Jakarta, Indonesia – Associate in charge for a 300 room urban resort hotel in downtown Jakarta.  Completed 1992.  Challenges:  Coordination of the sloped roof vernacular with modern construction methods.
Meridien Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt – Project Architect for 312 room hotel.  Commission was won in an international competition. Coordinated the production of the construction documents and administrated the project to completion. Completed 1986. Challenges:  Project was financed by a French Export Loan.   French products had to be examined and assessed for equivalence to the American products specified.
Hilton Hotel, Danbury, CT. – Job Captain for Guestroom Tower portion of the building set into a steep site.  Completed 1982.  Challenges:  Site access was from the road on the high side of the site.  Building was integrated into the topography.
Sheraton Hotel, New Orleans – Job Captain for Guestroom Tower portion of the building which has 1110 Guestrooms and multiple floors of meeting space, restaurants and other support facilities.  Completed 1982.  Challenges:  Coordinate door heights to align per interior designer’s use of single rabetted frames.
Inter-Continental Hotel, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – Shop drawing review for 600 room full service hotel.  Completed 1984.  Challenges:  Having not every worked on the project, became familiar with the project and the documents and reviewed and supervised the review of all the shop drawings and product submissions for the entire project.
Hilton Inn, Woodcliff Lake, N.J. – Assistant to associate in charge.  Aided associate in review and distribution of shop drawings and project revisions. Completed 1980


Stowe Mountain Lodge Phase II - New wing with guestrooms and suites connecting with existing building.  Construction Administration Services completed June 2009.
Expansion to the Brooklyn Renaissance Plaza, Brooklyn, N.Y. – 282 room, 24 story addition to the existing Brooklyn Marriott Hotel (part of the Brooklyn Renaissance Plaza). The new tower has a bridge connecting it with the original building, meeting space on the 2nd Floor and retail space on the first floor.  The new tower abuts a city-owned property whose cooling towers occupy the site of the new tower.  Challenges:  Working with the client who is also the general contactor to keep this complicated project on schedule and within budget in the midst of rising steel prices.  Completed Dec. 2007
Addition to Marriott Courtyard, Jersey City, N.J. - Principal in charge for a 125 room addition with the addition of street facing retail space and integration with the existing Path Station.  Concept drawings completed 2005.  Challenges:  Planned a new tower that will functionally work with the existing Hotel on a site that must have its vehicular and pedestrian traffic patterns maintained. 
Bally’s Guestroom Tower, Atlantic City, N.J. – Associate in charge for an 840 room, 30 story guestroom tower addition. Coordinated the production of documents in all phases and administrated the project to completion.  Made trips to the site for project review, value engineering and troubleshooting.  Completed 1991.  Challenges:  A foundation and tower core were previously designed by another architect and constructed for a tower having 28 floors with 24 rooms per floor.  The tower built had 30 floors with 28 rooms per floor.  Existing core spaces had to be selectively demolished and reconstructed and a special structural pick-up platform was designed to transfer loads of the guestroom column rhythm to the rhythm of the existing columns. 
Stouffer Westchester Hotel (now the Renaissance) Conference Center, White Plains, N.Y. – Associate in charge for an addition of a Conference Center and a new Guestroom Wing.   Schematics Completed 1988.  Challenges:  The existing complex consisted of separate buildings connected by bridges and walkways on a hilly site.  New buildings were integrated into the site, maintaining the ambiance and not exceeding the lot coverage as dictated by the zoning ordinance.
Stouffer Westchester Hotel (now the Renaissance) Exercise Room, White Plains, N.Y. – Associate in charge for the addition of an Exercise Room and the remodeling miscellaneous areas.  Completed 1987.  Challenges:  Design addition to fit under an existing bridge with main feed electrical conduits in line with the new foundation.
Stouffer Westchester Hotel (now the Renaissance) Red Oak Terrace, White Plains, N.Y. – Associate in charge for the addition of Red Oak Terrace Junior Ballroom. Completed 1985.  Challenges:  Add a large space to a turn of the century stone mansion that is part of the complex that would blend with the architecture and the surroundings.
Addition to Hilton Hotel (now the DoubleTree), Tarrytown, N.Y. – Associate in charge for Guestroom wing additions.   Completed 1985 Challenges:  Mimic the paneled wood spandrels of the existing hotel in metal.
Stouffer Westchester Hotel (now the Renaissance) New Service Dock, White Plains, N.Y. – Associate in charge for the addition of a new loading dock and service spaces. Construction Documents Completed 1983.  Challenges:  Additional documents needed to be prepared to indicate temporary facilities for loading and unloading while existing dock is taken out of service.
Guestroom Addition to Inter-Continental Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya – Job Captain for 200 room addition.  Completed 1981.  Challenges:  Mimic the existing architecture of the sun screens pre-cast concrete.


Waldorf Astoria, NY, NY - Remodeling of Empire Room - New finishes, lighting and up grade of HVAC.  Completed 2011
Waldorf Astoria, NY, NY - 5th Floor Restroom Remodeling - Remodeling of Existing Women’s Room Completed March 2013
Waldorf Astoria, NY, NY - Lobby and Motor Court Remodeling - Remodel Lobby and Motor Court as part of a 5 year plan to remodel entire building.  Challenges - Determination of existing conditions with limited documentation.  Completed June 2013
Waldorf Astoria, NY, NY - New Security Office - Design new Security Office located on 4th Floor  Completed Oct. 2012
Waldorf Astoria, NY, NY - Accessibility Studies for Roosevelt and Empire Room - Make rooms accessible.  Challenges:  Find space to provide concealed man lifts.  50% Construction Documents completed June 2012
Grand Hyatt, Washington, DC -Guestroom and Corridor Remodeling - Complete remodeling of guestrooms, guestroom bathrooms, suites and corridors.  Remodel rooms for accessibility requirements. Complete June 2012
Gramercy Park Hotel, NY, NY - Remodeling of Lobby Restrooms - Remodel restrooms to be accessible Completed Sept. 2011
Gramercy Park Hotel, NY, NY - Remodeling and Suites - Remodel 2 suites to be accessible.  Completed Sept. 2011
Gramercy Park Hotel, NY, NY - Roof top Pantry and Restroom Remodeling - Remodel pantry and Restrooms to be accessible.  Completed February 2011
Melia Hotel, Atlanta, GA - Mock Up Room - Complete new room with new bathroom and fenestration.  Completed Sept. 2010
Melia Hotel, Atlanta, GA - Schematic Design - Complete remodeling of entire building including repurposing roof top ballroom and re-planning Food and Beverage Outlets.  Challenges:  Re-plan dated Food and Beverage outlets with new concepts marketable to the clientele within budget limitations.  Schematics completed Jan. 2010
Hanover Marriott, Whippany, NJ - Great Room and Restaurant Remodeling - Remodeling of Lobby, Reception, Pool and Restaurant Challenges: Incorporate Owner’s Food and Beverage Concept  into a wall unit.  Completed Sept.  2011
Hanover Marriott, Whippany, NJ - ADA Suites - Remodel existing suites to be ADA compliant.  Completed Sept. 2011
Palmer House, Chicago, IL - Master Planning and Guestroom Remodeling  - Schematic Design for guestroom redesign (multiple guestroom types) and re-planning of Lobby and Front Office.  Schematic Design Completed Sept. 2006
Palmer House, Chicago, IL - Remodeling of Exhibition Space- Remodel existing Exhibition Space and adjacent restrooms Completed Sept. 2006
Marriott Financial Center, New York, N.Y. – 2nd, 3rd and 5th Floor Renovation.  Expand the 2nd Floor Ballroom into an area presently occupied by Administrative Offices which shall be relocated to the 5th Floor.  2nd and 3rd Floor Public Spaces to have complete redo of finishes.  2nd Floor to have Restrooms completely gutted and redone to comply with latest New York City Building Code fixture requirements.   Challenges:  Planned new Administrative Offices and Restrooms in existing spaces.  Coordinated the procurement of the original structural drawings and detailing methods to remove existing structural columns.  COMPLETED DEC. 2005
Marriott Financial Center, New York, N.Y. – Conversion of existing ADA rooms with tubs to roll-in showers.  Rooms are to comply with the proposed revisions to ADA to be enacted in the future per the client’s direction.  Challenges:  Coordinate floor slopes to attain curb less condition at shower.  COMPLETED DEC. 2005
Hanover Marriot, Whippany, N. J. – Guestroom and Guestroom Corridor Renovation.  Work with franchiser, Property Owner and interior designers to produce documentation for bidding, filing and construction of renovation.  Challenges:  Survey revealed of issues regarding American Disabilities Act (ADA).  Proposed solutions to make compliant. COMPLETED MAY 2006
Marriot Westchester, Tarrytown, N. Y. – Guestroom and Guestroom Corridor Renovation.  Work with franchiser, Property Owner and interior designers to produce documentation for bidding, filing and construction of renovation.  Resolve issues regarding American Disabilities Act.  Challenges:  Informed client of better way to resolve aesthetic issues resulting in resolution of ADA and egress issues they were not aware of.  COMPLETED MAY 2006
Novotel Hotel, New York, N.Y. – Conversion of existing Guestrooms to be in compliance with ADA.  Work with Owner, Owner’s consultants and interior designer to produce documentation for bidding, filing and construction of renovation.  Challenges:  Explored different methods of resolving issues of sound attenuation between rooms in an economical manner and sought ways to maximize room space in an existing condition.  MOCK UP ROOM COMPLETE JUNE 2005
Escalator Replacement at the Marriott Marquis, New York, N.Y. – Replace existing single escalators with new double escalators to improve traffic flow. Completed 2004
Remodeling of “The View” restaurant and bar at the Marriott marquis, New York, N.Y. - New finishes and ADA compliance. Completed 2004 Challenges:  Routing of new dishwasher exhaust through a maze of existing conditions.
Remodeling of Woodcliff Lake Hilton Ballroom Facilities – Principal in charge for meeting space remodeling consisting new finishes and ceiling alterations.  Completed 2002. 
Remodeling of Marriott Financial Center – Principal in charge for remodeling of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Floors with ceiling and lighting modifications.  Entrance Facade remodeling.  Interior remodeling of 1st and partial 2nd Floor Completed 2002.  Challenges:  Update the image of the hotel facade with minimal demolition and minimal encroachment on the property line.  Create a more transparent front entrance within the constraints of a structural geometry offset from the interior geometry.
Remodeling of Lobby, Stouffer Westchester Hotel (now the Renaissance) New Service Dock, White Plains, N.Y. – Associate in charge for the remodeling of the Lobby and Bridge and addition to the Lobby Construction Documents Completed 1986.  Challenges:  Create a systemized installation of installing wood paneling in a pedestrian bridge that is a vierendeel truss with an extensive camber.
Remodeling of Woodlands Restaurant and Bar, Stouffer Westchester Hotel (now the Renaissance) , White Plains, N.Y. – Associate in charge for the remodeling of two existing restaurants.  Completed 1984.  Challenges:  Adjust the lighting to allow for exterior views of the illuminated landscape in the evening while having adequate light for dining and reading of menus.
Remodeling and additions to personal residence – Designed and “built” remodeling and additions to own residence.  1994 to 1996


Equinox, Bond Street, NY, NY -  Aided design team in producing existing roof penetration details for new dunnage.  Completed November 2016
Equinox, 315 Park Avenue South, NY, NY - Details and coordination of store front in compliance with building Owner’s master plan to remodel the lower façade.  Completed December 2016
United Cerebral Palsy School and Offices  - aided the Project Architect for exterior renovations of the building.  Challenges:  Understanding the existing construction without as-built drawings.  Completed June 2016
Aegis Office Space, Chicago  - Addition to existing office space with some remodeling.  Completed May 2016.  Challenges:  Finding economic solutions for IT ventilation issues.
McAlphin Building, NY, NY - Conversion of existing rental apartment building to Full Service Hotel - Convert all floors above 2 retail levels to a hotel.  Concept design completed June 2011
Gurlain Spa at Waldorf Astoria, NY, NY - Remodeling of Reception and Hair Washing Area - Construction Documents completed 2011
Marriot Hanover, Whippany, NJ - Zoning - Aided client to establish “grandfathering” of existing zoning.  Completed Dec. 2011
Grand at Diamond Beach, Wildwood, New Jersey - 125 unit luxury condominium.  Challenges: Developing design to fit within the zoning envelope of CAFRA.  Completed June 2009 
Knickerbocker Hotel, NY, NY - Convert Knickerbocker Office Building to a Hotel - Convert a building constructed in 1910 from offices to Hotel with a guestroom tower addition,  Design Development completed December 2007
Retail Space Renovation in Petronas Twin Tower Complex - Renovate area for high end personalized service.  Challenges:  Create a unique upscale shopping experience with cantilevered feature wall and bar.  Design Development completed October 2006.
Retail Space Design in Atrium Addition to Petronas Twin Tower Complex - Multilevel shopping in new atrium mall. Challenges:  Coordinate design with complex atrium exhaust requirements.  Design Development completed October 2006
Bronx Terminal Market, Bronx, NY - Outdoor mall.  Aided design team with technical details.  Completed in 2006,  
Conversion of 417 East 57th Street from apartments to an all suite hotel – Principal in Charge Schematics Completed 2005.  Challenges: Space alteration to create functional paths for the circulation of linen and the disposal of trash and the creation of service and guest support within the space limitations.
Due Diligence Report for the Marriott Courtyard, Jersey City, N.J.  Completed 2003·    
Conversion of Apartment Hotel to Suite Hotel, Montreal, Canada – Principal in Charge Schematics Completed 2004.  Challenges: Space alteration to create functional paths for the circulation of linen and the disposal of trash and the creation of service and Guest support within the space limitations.
Benihana Restaurant, Edison, NJ – Principal in charge for a 9,800 square foot stands alone restaurant.  Design, planning and project management. Completed 2003 Challenges:  Bringing project into budget.  

OFFICE MANAGEMENT (at William B. Tabler Architects)

·    With the reception and increased use of AutoCAD, have constantly worked with Principals and Staff to develop more efficient ways to execute the document process from conception through Construction Documents.  Some of the innovations developed :
o    Developed a standard wall type schedule that could be used for any project, saving time that is usually consumed for each project creating an individual schedule.  
o    Developed standard detail sheet for doors.
o    Made the office base hardware specification more generic for easier use.
o    Initiated a Detail Library in AutoCAD based on the American Institute of Architects sheet numbering system.
o    Developed a “Room Tag” system that identifies room and floor structural and finish elevations.  This has proven to be instrumental in developing vital information at an earlier stage of the project for structural engineers and door schedule execution.
o    Steered the office away from individual room finish boxes on plans to finish schedule.  This increased efficiency by limiting the drafting concerning finishes to one sheet.  If late in the project a major concept in project finishes changes, the revision work can be isolated (most often) to one sheet
o    Updated the office graphic schedule for document production to be AutoCAD flexible and more comprehensive and reflect the appropriate level of project complexity.
o    Continually fight for more “fool proof” methods of producing documents in AutoCAD.
·    Developed base document for making proposals for services.  Proposal indicates categories of various consultants who may need to be involved in the project.  Format is based on stressing services provided over services not provided.  The proposal, while being a statement of fees, should also be a marketing tool.
·    In 1996, took over the role of office personnel manager.  Responsible for filling all office positions with qualified personnel, seeking and interviewing applicants, negotiating salaries, organizing performance review and compensation adjustments.
·    Worked with marketing consultant and office staff to develop marketing materials such as flyers and Holiday Cards.
·    Researched and negotiated contracts for purchase and/or leasing of office equipment.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute – Bachelor of Architecture 1977

Hand drafting; presentation sketching, AutoCAD, MSWord, Excel. Power Point, Bluebeam


Furnished on request


Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), Blacksburg, VA, US, BArch, Architecture


Sep 1972 - Jun 1977

Areas of Specialization