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Faculty of architecture demands an ever learning capacity from its practitioners. My Masters of Architecture program was a research based program that opened my door towards urban studies. As an architect, urban studies showed me a new direction in designing and understanding of the built environment. I expect to experience through this study program, a whole new level of understanding of the built surroundings, social as well as cultural structure and a brand new set of lifestyle values. It will provide me with a fresh tool-kit of resources, through a exquisite urban narrative. The lessons learned from these  precedents shall help me to evolve a better methodology and concept for architecture and urban development. By integrating the local context with the lessons from the urban research, I shall be able to synthesise structured concepts and recommendations for architecture and city design. Presently, India is preparing for a mass transformation of its major cities into smart cities. 100 cities have been chosen for this purpose. Learning and researching in depth about cities will help me to gather ideas from a new perspective of social and cultural realm.

 I express my thoughts by words and strokes and define myself only through them. I love to read and read all day long and write every thought down. I believe in simple words that manifest into deep fossils that describe the past and enlighten the future. Every experience of life is a hidden fossil which can be dug out from the heart only in form of words and strokes . I  desire to discover these fossils out of every experience of my life. Design and narration of design, is my passion and  I desire to use the inspiration of these ideas into study and design of cities. I have not only gained knowledge about architecture in my 5 year course of architecture but also developed a curiosity and enthusiasm to research about the other practical and real aspects of architecture and urban design through my masters program. Creative writing is a hobby that i have since childhood, personifies as a hunger for writing about urban scenarios in my professional  life. I have Published a book on Poetry entitled “Poetry of Being”, reflecting my passion for writing and expression.


Innovature Research and Design Studio, Bangalore, Principal, Founder

Innovature Research and Design Studio (IRDS) is an interdisciplinary creative practice,trying to weave di- verse realms such as architecture, urban fabric and user aspirations into a distinctive pattern of thoughtful de- sign.
We create sustainable and innovative solutions for cozy, private and public spaces; to transform everyday user experience.
Architecture is an amalgamation of cultures, lifestyles and aspirations of its users which collectively manifests into an urban space. We work towards reading and un- derstanding urban spaces to identify and find ways to reinforce their strengths, local identity and character.

Apr 2016 - current

Infrastructure Development corporation karnataka, Bangalore City, IN, Urban Design Consultant

Dec 2016 - May 2017

Foundation of Indian Cities, Delhi, India, Research Associate

Aug 2016 - Dec 2016

Thomas Associates, Bangalore City, IN, Junior Architect

Aug 2012 - Jun 2013


Sir JJ College of Architecture, Mumbai, MArch, masters in architecture by research

Jan 2014 - Jun 2017

BMS College of Architecture, Bangalore, IN, BArch, Bachelors in Architecture

Sep 2007 - Jul 2012

Areas of Specialization