Hal Hofheins

Hal Hofheins

New Orleans, LA, US



I have recently completed a 12 month special service contract with CVS Health and will be returning to the Greater New Orleans area. It is my hope to find work within a firm that has a need for a Principal Level Architect/Manager that can contribute to both Marketing Effort as well as Project Development.

.I have decades of experience that stretch across North and Central America as well as International locations. This includes virtually every Building Type and Occupancy.

It is not my intent to seek a principal position within an office, but I do offer the competence and experience of one. At this point in my career I am far more interested in the quality of work and workplace culture than I am the compensation package. Furthermore I have a passion for mentoring and have participated in the NCARB intern development program for years. A large part of my contribution in that regard is founded in my own registration history, as I am intimately familiar with licensing requirements (both US and International), as well as the Architectural Registration Exam; having been a member of the NCARB and the AIA for my entire career.

After over 30 years of experience in Design and Construction, throughout North and Central America, the Pacific Rim and Puerto Rico, which has involved almost every Building Type and Occupancy, I feel that I can offer Management and Project Support on any scale needed. I also believe that I can contribute significantly to an office’s Marketing and Development.

As an Architect, Project Manager, Development Manager and Construction Executive I have served as a Principal within my own firm and other privately held companies, as well as performed these same functions within the corporate structure of several Fortune 500 corporations. Having spent roughly one half of my career in the corporate world and the other half in private practice I also hold a unique perspective of how the two interact most successfully.  

My design and communication skills are rooted in the primary Architectural disciplines that predate AutoCAD. The ability to clearly delineate concepts through hand graphics, in both the Conceptual sketches and Design Development stages of a project, has always served my clients understanding of how a design satisfies their program needs. I have always carried these abilities forward through my career even as I quickly embraced the value of CAD skills and acquired them throughout my career.

I have always been extremely grateful for the opportunities and satisfaction that has come from a career in Architecture, and want to continue in this profession for many years to come.

Hal Hofheins AIA


CVS Health, Woonsocket, RI, US, Sr. Architect ADA Special Projects

Sr. Arch. for ADA Special Projects | CVS HEALTH Woonsocket, RI (Present)
Manage contracts for Architectural/Civil Design and Construction Documents for ADA compliance solutions, ensuring compliance and constructability. Develop ADA Continuing Education and Training for all A & E consultants (AOR’s & Civil) and monitor training adherence throughout the company’s operations nationally.

Jun 2015 - Aug 2016

D'Argernt Companies, Alexandria, LA, US, Managing Architect/ Sr. Project Mgr

Architect/ Sr. Project Mgr | D’Argent Companies, Alexandria, LA (2012-2014)
Responsible for in-house design as well as management of construction projects for the development company. Projects include financial services facilities, large box retail, oil exploration support, shopping centers, grocery and medical support facilities.

Feb 2012 - Jan 2014

Radix Construction, Napa, ID, Architectural Director

Architectural Director | RADIX Construction Inc., Boise, ID (2007-2012)
Architectural Director for all aspects of design for the company. Specializing in Integrated Product Delivery (Design/Build) modeling for restaurants and retail throughout the continental US, Hawaii, Guam and Puerto Rico.

Aug 2007 - Jan 2012

PETRA Construction, Boise, ID, US, Area Project Manager

Area Project Manager | PETRA Construction Inc., Boise, ID (2004-2006)
Responsible for vertical construction located in Tamarack Resort, ID. As prime contractor for the resort, assisted owner and facilitated programming/development of infrastructure, residential and commercial construction and long range facilities development.

Feb 2004 - Jan 2006

Flying J, Brigham City, UT, US, Regional Manager of Construciton

Regional Manager of Construction. | FLYING J, Brigham City, UT.(2000-2003)
Responsible for all construction in Northwestern US. Projects ranged from Hotels, Fuel Centers and Truck Stops for the fuel giant, to churches and retail development. Responsible for the development and construction of Flying J Fuel Centers and Truck Stops as well as 24 Albertsons “A Express” convenience store/fuel centers from Florida to Oregon.

Oct 2002 - Jan 2004

CARRS Foods, Anchorage, AK, US, Director of Design and Construction

Director of Design and Construction | CARRS Foods Anchorage, AK (1996-2000)
Responsible for all design, development and construction aspects of projects for the Alaska based food store chain.

May 1996 - Nov 1999

Albertsons Inc, Boise, ID, US, Senior Project Manager

Senior Project Manager | Albertsons Inc. Boise, ID (1988-1996) Responsible for development and construction of stores throughout the US. Worked within the divisions of Washington State and Florida, among many others, as they developed extreme growth management policies. Responsible for annual capital budgets for active contracts of approximately $50 mil.

Feb 1987 - Dec 1995


University of Alaska-Anchorage, Anchorage, AK, US, Arctic & Seismic Engineering

Mandatory Professional Courses as a requirement for Registration as an Architect in the state of Alaska, in addition to the ARE administered by the NCARB.

Sep 1977 - Jun 1978

Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, US, BArch, Architecture

Architectural Degree with a Double Major in English

Sep 1968 - Jun 1974


Finalist in the National Design competition for the Anchorage Public Library, Award

As a Principal and Partner in Simpson Associates, Architects & Planners, the firm was selected as one of 5 Finalists in the National Design Competition for the Anchorage Public Library.


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