Henry Shekhtman

Henry Shekhtman

Brooklyn, NY, US



I am confident that I would be an asset to any company because of my background and interest in architecture, development of buildings and projects, as well as my serious work ethic. My college courses have disciplined me in time management, professionalism, and attention to detail. Furthermore, I am a quick learner and a hardworking ambitious individual motivated by my curiosity for architecture. I desire to express my vision through building design, construction, and collaboration with others. I am able to offer a unique perspective of any situation. Nothing provides me with more satisfaction than contributing to the success of a project.



Gambino + LaPorta Architecture, PC, Staten Island, NY, Architectural Designer

Architectural Designer: This type of employment in the offices of GLA requires the ability to share design ideas, listening carefully to other professionals and communicate ideas articulately. Within this architectural office, the architectural designer will be coordinating with the project architect and will have to brainstorm, develop models, present unique design proposals and be able to produce construction documents for the project.

Feb 2016 - current


New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), Manhattan, NY, BArch, Bachelor of Architecture

New York Institute of Technology breakdown of studies from 2011-2016

Sur Hist Arch 1 (ARCH 161)
Sur Hist Arch 2 (ARCH 162)
Arch Des 1 (ARCH 201)
Arch Des 2 (ARCH 202)
Statics/Strength (ARCH 211)
Bldg. Const. 1 (ARCH 221)
Bldg. Const. 2 (ARCH 222)
Environ Site Plan. (ARCH 272)
Arch Des 3 (ARCH 301)
Arch Des 4 (ARCH 302)
Struct Steel Des (ARCH 311)
Reina Concr Des (ARCH 312)
Environ Systems 1 (ARCH 324)
Environ Systems 2 (ARCH 325)
Comp Aided Con Dwgs (ARCH 327)
Visualization 3 (ARCH 340)
Arch Hist Sem (ARCH 361)
City Planning (ARCH 362)
Arch Des 5 (ARCH 401)
Arch Des 6 (ARCH 402)
Adv Struct Con 1 (ARCH 411)
Prof Practice (ARCH 481)
Arch Des 7 (ARCH 501)
Arch Des 8 (ARCH 502)

Sep 2011 - May 2016

High school of Art and Design, Manhattan, NY, High School, Architecture

Sep 2007 - Jun 2011


Architecture Chair's Award, Award

Awarded by the Chairs in the School of Architecture and Design to a graduate who has achieved distinction in Architectural Design.


Areas of Specialization