Heng Gu

Heng Gu

Pittsburgh, PA, US



I have more than 8 years experience in using Adobe Suites and more than 5 years experience in 3D modeling using sketchup, revit and rhino. I value feedback-driven design process. I enjoy listening to different people. I am a fast learner. And I long for creating spaces that help people to enjoy better lives. I have cross-disciplinary background from civil engineering. My past background has cultivated me as a designer that conducts the entire working process both aesthetically (highly aesthetical requirements for every detailed design step) and scientifically (having corresponding programming and analystic skills to make design effective and real). 



Coop Himmelblau, Vienna, AT, Architecture Intern

worked in a competion project, Erweiterung Musik Universitat Wien, including sketch models, digital modeling and skin design

Sep 2014 - Dec 2014

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, Chicago, WI, US, Architecture Intern

worked in EXTELL 865 in NYC, focus on the structure part of Top of House part and
Astana Expo 2017 for Revit modeling, Rendering in design development phase and
the kiosks design in schematic design phase

Jun 2014 - Aug 2014

Arup, Shanghai, CN, Architecture Intern

worked on the interiror renderings in KaiFeng Women & Children Hospital;
building skin design and modeling in Chengdu Jinjiang Urban Design Project;
Bird's eye view renderings and interiror renderings for both projects

Jun 2013 - Jul 2013


University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, US, MArch, Architecture

Design research using complex variation, geometric ornament, and algorith-mic organization.
Advanced coursework in building simulation, building skins, sustainable design, and
contemporary theory.

Jun 2012 - May 2016
Sep 2015 - Dec 2015

东南大学(Southeast University) TOP 2 Best Architecture Univerisity in China, Nanjing, CN, Bachelors, Civil Engineering

GPA 3.74/4.0 Best Ranking 3/170
Structure analysis using multiple methods including hand computation and
computer program simulations like Ansys and PKPM. Force analysis for various materials
including concrete, rebar and steel. Advanced group working in structure modeling.

Jun 2008 - Jun 2012

ARCHITECTURE ASSOCIATION (AA) LONDON, ENGLAND, Shanghai, CN, Shanghai Global Visiting School

Parametric workshop; Site research about shanghai huangpu river zone;
Do an urban design project to tackle the problem of sea level rising

Jul 2011 - Aug 2011

Tsinghua University, Beijing, CN, Parametric workshop;

Parametric workshop; Conduct research about quadrangle courtyard in
Beijing; Design a pavillion inside a specific quadrangle courtyard

Jun 2011 - Jul 2011

Areas of Specialization