Oriana Gil Perez

Oriana Gil Perez

Mesa, AZ, US



I am Oriana Gil, an Arizona State University student. I was born on Venezuela, so I speak Spanish and English. I am passionate about Architecture and I will show some of my work as I develop my expertise on the file. I am also doing a Urban Planing minor which I will complete soon. I am looking for some internship or just inspirations from the professional people passionate about Architecture like me. 


Arizona State University, Tempe Camp, AZ, US, Minor in Urban Planning

Jan 2016 - current

Arizona State University, Tempe Camp, AZ, US, Architectural Studies

"Architects design buildings and environments that are useful, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing. This implies an understanding of people's needs, the science and technology of building, and the concepts of aesthetics. " (ASU)
Architecture is for the people, we need to ensure about the peoples's need to make our design work.

Sep 2015 - current