Chelsey Galdi

Chelsey Galdi

Park Ridge, NJ, US



I am currently a student at Drexel University, graduating in June 2016. I will be achieving a Bachelor's of Science degree in Interior Design, with a minor in Sustainability. I am interested in obtaining a job opportunity specifically in Interior Design to expand my skill set, while continuing to develop professionally.



Gensler, New York, NY, US, Co-op/Internship

For almost a year know, I had the opportunity to work for a large interior design firm, which provided me with the ability to work on key projects and develop my technical design, organization, communication, and time management skills, which I feel are a strong asset to offer. I am able to lead a team, while also working as a team member. While there, I was able to gain more experience with retail design by working heavily on various projects.

Sep 2015 - May 2016


Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, US, Bachelors, Interior Design

Major: Interior Design
Minor: Sustainability
Honors Program
GPA: 3.91

Sep 2012 - Jun 2016


Honors Program, Award

My work ethic is truly unwavering, which sets me apart from others. Along with my passion for interior design, I have high expectations and standards for the work I present to others. I am immensely proud to have seen my past six projects displayed for NASAD accreditation at Drexel, making my work a key component to the school’s Interior Design program. In addition to this, my projects have been chosen to be on display for Open House tours. In addition to this I am also part of the Honors program at Drexel University