Svetlana Sudyko

Svetlana Sudyko

Tomsk, RU



I’m an Architect with about 5 years of experience in architecture  in Russian and European architectural companies.

I graduated from University in 2011 (with the degree in Architecture). After that I worked in different Russian architectural companies, where I participated in the implementation of different projects and received excellent experience. In 2012 I worked in the studio of architecture in Germany, where carried out different projects. In 2014 and 2015 I worked in large Italian enterprises where I participated in major international competition and was involved in different stages of design.

I have fundamental understanding of the design process; experience in (technical) detailing; project related material research and complex problem solving on all scales. I’ve worked in different architectural companies and lead people. I have ability to liaise where appropriate with consultants to assess design solutions and guarantee the integrity the final design.  In addition, I can assist in the production and development of all necessary documents, drawings, models, etc. I have already worked with different international architects, therefore, I have confidence in working in a complex and international environment. In addition, I have ability to work well in team.

I have excellent knowledge and experience with large scale and complex projects. Consequently, I’ve done project Reconstruction of Siberian botanical garden, where I did redesign of all greenhouse complex, of  it’s territory (10 hectares) with construction of several buildings to serve this complex and offered landscape design for the whole territory. For this project I received diploma 1st Degree in Architecture for the best architectural project in the international architectural competition «The 12th International Forum New Ideas of New Century”. 

I believe I possess strong conceptual and design talent; I have excellent recommendations. I have already completed architectural projects of varying complexity, at all stages of the design, worked with different professionals.

I know several foreign languages, that gives me opportunity easily communicate with foreign colleagues and do my best at work. I have strong skills in professional computer soft for 3d modelling, 2d drawings and post-processing.

I’m honest, easy-to-find language with other people. I lived for several months  in different countries and I have worked with foreign colleagues; and I have always easily found a common language with people. I’m sociable, responsible, hard-working, I learn fast, has a great capacity for work and active life position.  I can work in a calm and in a stress situation.


Just now I’m seeking for a job as an Architect (Senior Architect) in a large developing architectural company.

At the moment I live in Russia, but I want and ready to move in USA.  For the beginning,  I’m ready to work remotely to get acquainted and understand how well we can work together. But further I would prefer to live and work directly in USA.


There are some details of visa for Russian citizen.

For working in USA I must receive visa H-1B (Person in Specialty Occupation).

The H-1B visa is issued to persons traveling to the United States to perform pre-planned work requiring the specialization. The applicant for this visa must have a University degree (bachelor's degree or higher or equivalent) in the field corresponding to the work. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services sets weather this employment require qualifications and can the candidate for this position do this job. The employer must submit a statement about the working conditions in the U.S. Department of labor. In a statement there are the terms and conditions of the employment contract.

For visa requires the prospective employer or recruitment Agency apply a petition. This petition must be approved by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services before applying for a work visa by potential candidate for this position (in Russia). An applicant for the H-1B visa must have a petition approved by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The petition, form I-129 (, must be approved before applying for a work visa at the Embassy or Consulate of the United States in Russia. After petition approval, employer or agent receives notice, form I-797 (approval Notice), which will be the evidence of the petition's approval notification. The consular officer during the interview (with a potential candidate for this position, in Russia) will verify this petition approval through the petition Information management system (PIMS) of Department of State.


Elit-Project, Tomsk, RU, Senior Architect, Project Manager

Design and organization of projects since the initial concept to the coordination of all construction phases till the completion.

Sep 2014 - current

Archest, Rome, IT, Architect

Design of interiors and projects of architectural objects.Work with coordination of italian architects.Experience in technical detailing. Projection related material research and complex problem solving on all scales. The implementation of projects of different complexity for UK and Italy. Interior design of administrative and living builbings. Developing sketch designs to planning application, on renovation of residential and administrative buildings from drawing to realisation.

Aug 2015 - Nov 2015

Studio Fuksas, Rome, IT, Architect

- International Competition ''International architectural competition for a concept design of the new Sportmaster GC and O’STIN headquarters";
- International Competition for reconstruction of a coastal zone with new hotel, garage for boats, organisation of beach, Doha, Qatar.

Sep 2014 - Nov 2014

Center of Architecture, Tomsk, RU, Architect of the 1st category

Project management, coordination of all professionals prepare objects to pass in the examination. Implementation of sections of the energy Efficiency of buildings, accessibility for disabled people, Fire safety, Project construction management, Project organization, demolition and dismantling, Ensure safe operation, the Architectural solutions. Also implementation of Working Drawings, Design, Masterplan.
- Multifunctuional building (cafe, club, offices), 5000sqm, Tomsk, Russia;
- Reconstruction of club, 4000sqm, Tomsk, Russia.
- Cottage, 1300sqm, Tomsk, Russia.

Feb 2014 - Sep 2014

Regional Project Institute, Tomsk, RU, Architect of the 1st category

- University Swimming Pool, 6250sqm, Tomsk, Russia. Masterplan, Concept Design and Working drawings. Sections on energy efficiency, accessibility of buildings for people with limited mobility, the calculation of evacuation in case of fire, the calculation of estimates. Pass the object in the examination;
- Administrative Building, 4230sqm, Tomsk, Russia. Design, Working drawings, Masterplan. Management of the project. Preparing object for administrative technology;
- Concept of Development of the District (functions:administrative, residential, recreational), Tomsk, Russia. Design, Working drawings, 3d model, Preparing for exibition.
- Office Building in the Area Tecnology Development Zones, 12200sqm, Tomsk region, Russia. Working Drawings, Calculation of evacuation.

Oct 2012 - Jan 2014

Buro Hamburg, Hamburg, DE, Architect

- Kindergarten for Children with Disabilities,1000sqm, Hamburg, Germany. Masterplan, Working Drawings, Design.
- Hotel in Hamburg, 9000sqm, Germany. Masterplan, ConceptDesign, Working Drawings.
- Cottage, 900sqm, Hamburg, Germany. Working Drawings.

Jun 2012 - Sep 2012

Interuniversity Project Bureau of Tomsk State University of Architecture and Buildings, Tomsk, RU, Architect

Design of different architecture: from cottages to full development of the area of the whole area. 100% implementation of many projects. Design of residential buildings(2 floors up to 17 floors), administrative buildings, industrial buildings, interior design, landscape architecture. Full implementation of all projects 100%. Performing sketches, concept development, creating three-dimensional model,doing drawings, placing the object in the examination. Work with allied professionals. Completed projects:
-Administrative Building, 4200sqm, Tomsk, Russia. Design, Working Drawings, Masterplan,
-Cottage on the beach for Portugal, 800sqm. Concept Design, Warking Drawings, Masterplan, Cost estimation.
-Building with administrative function (hotel, bank, cafe, apartments), 5500sqm, Tomsk, Russia. Design, Working Drawings, Masterplan, Exhibition.
-Project of development of territory for five autocenters: Audi, KIA, Ford, Toyota, ВАЗ in Tomsk Region, Russia. 50000sqm. Concept Design, Masterplan, Exhibition.

Oct 2011 - Jul 2012


Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building, Tomsk, RU, Masters, Department of Architecture; Specialization - Architecture

Implementation of many architectural projects of buildings and structures for various purposes. There are eekly 18 hour for architectural design in training program. Every year there is an architectural practice, in particular in other architectural universities and professional architectural firms. University programm includes Architectural Material Science, Pre-projecr Analysis and Design in Architecture, Fundamentals of Land Registry, Landscape Architecture, Modern Construction Technology and Design, Examination and Diagnosis of building Structures, Restoring and Architectural Heritage, Volume and Spatial Composition, Engeneering Construction, Building Acoustics.

Sep 2005 - Jul 2011

Tomsk State University, Tomsk, RU, Bachelors, Institute of Arts and Culture, Fine Art

There are weekly 24 hours for painting, drawing, sculpture, annual summer pliner. The program also includes Materials Science, the Science of Color, History of Fine Art, World Culture, Anatomy, Arts.

Sep 2002 - Jul 2005


Diploma of the 1st Degree in Architecture in the international architectural competition «The 12th International Forum New Ideas of New Century”, 1st Place

NIoNC-2012 is an annual International competition, where every year there are exhibited architectural projects, including innovative elements and constructions. I have presented project "Reconstruction of Siberian botanical garden", where there is redesign of all greenhouse complex, of it's territory (10 hectares) with construction of several buildings to serve this complex and offer for landscape design of the whole territory. Siberian Botanical Garden is an important place for Tomsk and all Siberian region with more then 100 years history. It's collection of plants is various and atypical for nord Siberian region. Most of trees and bushes are brought from around the world and their age is more than century.


Areas of Specialization