Tiffany Kenst

Tiffany Kenst

Pittsburgh, PA, US



I recently graduated in May of 2011 with my Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture and Environmental Design. Throughout the past years at Kent State University I have studied abroad in Florence, Italy and participated in extra-curricular activities in addition to required coursework. Design Studio, Methods & Materials, Environmental Technology, and Structural Systems are among the essential courses which I have completed throughout my undergraduate education. An entry level position would allow me to contribute my skills and abilities with a team of professional architects, engineers, and construction workers in order to complete successful projects.

At Kent State University I have acquired many rigorous courses which have prepared me to work at an entry level. The first year consisted mainly of abstract design and the use of pencil in order to experience drawing different line thicknesses. Physics, calculus, and art history were also required courses. The second year involved designing a specific program on a given site. All of the projects involved a class site analysis, research, floor plans, sections, elevations, and perspective drawings (completed in ink).  A team site model and individual program models were also carefully hand-crafted for the final presentations. Courses in Auto CAD, Revit and History of Architecture were also essential.  Third year fall semester focused on Structural Systems, Methods & Materials, and Environmental Technology.  Studio involved more in-depth projects which incorporated the skills obtained thus far. During the spring semester I had the opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy. The experience was phenomenal! Traveling throughout Europe and immersing myself in architecture which I have studied and researched was breath-taking and enhanced my understanding about different cultures and their methods of architecture. Fourth year has been the most challenging. During this past spring semester two-person teams formed to compete in the Integrated Design Competition. Throughout this time my partner and I worked diligently and focused on how to design a LEED rated building which was both aesthetically appealing and suited the client's needs.     

In the future I have many educational goals and career plans yet to accomplish. My educational goals consist of attending Graduate School and obtaining a Master of Architecture Degree. My interests  include solving environmental issues and assisting victims of natural disaster and poverty through architecture. Therefore, my passion to improve our environment and the health of communities is what interests me about becoming an architect. I believe that architecture should serve a purpose and restore our world which has been negatively effected by unsustainable and inefficient design strategies. After researching career opportunities, I know that I will be encouraged to express my desire to work with team in order to solve issues and create architecture that is sustainable.



Kent State University, BArch, Architecture & Environmental Design

Tiffany Kenst
1925 Mount Royal Boulevard
Glenshaw, Pennsylvania 15116


Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, May 2011
Bachelor of Science
Architecture and Environmental Design

Shaler Area High School, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, June 2007
High School Diploma


Revit Architecture, Auto CAD, InDesign, Photoshop


Spring 2011 Fourth Year Design Studio II, Kent State University; Kent, Ohio
Project: Integrated Design Competition
Focus was on designing a sustainable and energy-efficient office building in Washington, DC
Completion of a full Construction Drawing Set was required as well as sustainable design solutions and calculations

Fall 2010 Fourth Year Design Studio I, Kent State University; Kent, Ohio
Two projects were accomplished: The Oberlin Inn and Restaurant located in Oberlin, Ohio and the renovation of Lake/Olson Dormitory located on Kent State University's campus
Projects focused on sustainable design solutions and responding to the client's needs
Studio projects involved site analysis, design and development, and both individual and group collaboration with professor and classmates
Completed climate analysis using IES Virtual Environment and Climate Consultant
Completed site analysis through both in-depth research and on-site examination
Significant Coursework: Methods and Materials II, Environmental Technology II

Spring 2010 Third Year Design Studio II, Kent State University; Florence, Italy
Project accomplished: Piazza Brunelleschi Library Addition located in Florence, Italy
Project focused on combing historical context with modern and sustainable program design
Completed climate and site analysis, design and development of program and space, individual collaboration with professor and group collaboration with classmates
Significant Coursework: Urban Design, Reading Cities, Sketching and Drawing, Art History

Fall 2009 Third Year Design Studio I, Kent State University; Kent, Ohio
Project accomplished: Row House Renovation located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Project focused on restoring a dilapidated row house in a historic location, re-using existing materials, and introducing passive design strategies
Completed climate and site research, individual design and development assignments, and one-on-one collaboration with professor
Significant Coursework: Methods and Materials I, Environmental Technology I

2008-09 Second Year Design Studio I and II, Kent State University; Kent, Ohio
Projects accomplished: SRO Unit, Kent Independent Film Center, Housing Unit, and Botanical Garden
Projects focused on program and site design and development
Drawing skills were improved through individual assignments and final presentation requirements
Experienced with both pencil and ink
Constructed models for each project

2008 Summer Design Studio I and II, Kent State University; Kent, Ohio
Assignments included abstract design exercises in order to develop creative thinking skills
Use of pencil in order to practice drawing different line thicknesses and shading techniques
Abstract model construction


2006 A.I.U. Architecture Apprenticeship
Pittsburgh Historic Landmarks Foundation, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2006 Architecture 101 Summer Camp
Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Child Care Provider, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Summer 2010

Macy’s Department Store, Ross Park Mall, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Seasonal-Winter Break 2008
Sales Assistant-Jewelry Department


Pittsburgh Historic Landmarks Foundation, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Summer 2010
Assisted with tours, workshops, and community projects and attended city meetings and seminars


Kent State University: Spinning, Dance Exercise, Tap Dance, Jazz Dance, Pilates

Jun 2007 - May 2011