Jasmine Ben Ali

Jasmine Ben Ali

Bellinzona, CH

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                   empathic ♦ designer

Swiss Architect USI AMM - SUPSI - OTIA
Humanistic Master Degree in Psychology of Architectural Space (w.h.)

Designing is my passion before my profession.  

I love it because i mean it as a highly social A R T, able to affect people's lives and generate strong emotions.   Every project should involve its surrounding and be linked to the own needs.

History is for me deeply fascinating and, as my source of inspiration, it helps me to recognize and to develop "ideas" that can meet today's needs maintaining classicals design. I like it simple and smart, humble but never poor. Eco friendly.

I truly believe architectural design Involves much more humanity than most people think, and overall, this belief has helped me to develop a special affinity for the 
E M P A T H I C aspect of  achitecture.  

Being an architect reflects my personality and allows me to use both, my imagination and my creativity, to interact with the community.

JB       archi  I  atelier  


Government and Republic of Cantone Ticino, Bellinzona, CH, Architect

Mar 2017 - current

Buletti Fumagalli & Associates Architects, Lugano, CH, Architect

May 2016 - Dec 2016

[virtuarch], Shanghai, CN, Junior Architect

Jan 2013 - Dec 2013

Raimondo Ghielmetti, Mendrisio, CH, Building Designer

Jul 2003 - Jul 2008


Academy of Architecture - USI, Mendrisio, CH, Masters, Master Degree w.h.

Master Degree in Architecture
Degree with honors under the supervision of well-regarded Swiss architect Mario Botta.
Humanistic Specialization in Psychology of Architectural Space.

Atelier coopration with:
arch. Martin Boesch _ Switzerland.
arch. Go Hasegawa _ Japan.
arch. Bijoy Jain _ India.
arch. Antonio Citterio _ Italy.
arch. Mario Botta _ Switzerland.

Oct 2011 - Jul 2015

Professional Universty of Italian Swiss - SUPSI, Lugano, CH, Bachelors, Bachelor Degree w.h.

Degree with honors under the supervision of architect Domenico Cattaneo.

Atelier coopration with:
arch. Massimo Marazzi _ Switzerland.
arch. Giorgio Guscetti _ Switzerland.
arch. Francesco Bardelli _ Switzerland.
arch. Remo Leuzinger _ Switzerland.
arch. Domenico Cattaneo _ Switzerland.

Oct 2008 - Jul 2011

High School of Design - SPAI, Lugano, CH, High School, Building Designer

Coopration with:
Studio Raimondo Ghielmetti
Architecture and Engineering Studio
Mendrisio, Switzerland.

Oct 2003 - Jul 2008

Areas of Specialization