hossein khajehpoor

hossein khajehpoor

Hawthorne, CA, US



My name is hossein khajehpoor and I am graduated in  Architecture. My objective is to find an internship or work as a intern architect even drafter. In the seven  years I’ve been experience in Architecture, I’ve found myself interested in residential desiging, focusing on design intent and applying specific details to transform any conventional area into a lively sustainable space. I am highly motivated, energetic, and eager to contribute in any way that I am able. My experience in urbanism in city hall has helped me to develop strong communication skills and an increased stability to work with diverse customer needs. Relocation is not a problem. I welcome the chance to discuss any opportunity further and appreciate your time and consideration.

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who can a foreign architect work in the U.S?
is exist good future for a foreign architect in the U.S?

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Construction Engineering Association (CEA), kerman, Professional member

My position as a member of the (CEA) Construction Engineering Association was cooperating with some Unified expert teams to Design buildings and supervise to construct processes across the city. We got involved in all complex related cases to be responsible for construction the buildings we’ve designed in various areas of the city.

May 2003 - current

Municipal Corporation (city hall), Kerman, architecture and urban planner expert

As a senior architect, I work for City Hall in Kerman, Iran. In this position on a daily basis, I get involved in a wide range of projects as a lead architect and Urbanization Expert to design and develop technical custom solutions for City Hall urban plan and present/deliver solutions to the senior management level of Municipal. The external and internal negotiation process for projects usually covers various stages including requirements documentation/gathering, team coordination, short/long term strategies, effectiveness discussions, preliminary design, internal technical reviews to communicate potential risks and design options with customers/other teams, lab/simulation for the purpose of Proof-of-Concept, final design, and public senior management level design review. The ultimate goal as perceived by customers is primarily the seamless application of latest technological solutions to deliver their mission critical, majorly time sensitive projects. In most cases, customers or other branch of the city hall have no technical expertise in urbanization field and it is our team’s responsibility to translate the requirements into meaningful technical terms. My projects usually cover initial negotiations with different teams and their PM’s, requirement documentation and capacity/schedule planning stages. The projects then transition to design, low/high-level reviews, technical hand-off and actual implementation phases. I as a principal architect oversee the entire process for the projects that I lead. Technology-wise, almost all the projects cover services such as check urban designing, traffic, detailed plan of the city and sometimes architectural planning. In drawing using Auto Cad, Arc GIS has always been part of advanced troubleshooting cases. In all the assigned projects, I eventually deal with one of the largest and most critical Law Department of City Hall and throughout the continent. This kind of plan provides new advantage for the city. I interview different candidates for various positions on architecture and urbanization team.

Apr 2005 - Jan 2012

Vadi Makan company, Kerman, manager

I established this company in 2002. Managing and administrating enterprise size designs as the primary art administrator, I designed, implemented, and constructed more than 25 different projects.
As the manager and first designer administrator, I was responsible for all projects and the probably problems of business continuity plans. In this position, I was involved in designing and implementing of many projects such as sketch, negotiate options with customers, phase 0, negotiate with civil team, phase 1, phase 2, business continuity. Configuration and upgrade designing software. Ensuring high availability, stability and security of the plan. I upgrade projects were my prior responsibilities.

Feb 2003 - Jan 2012


Islamic Azad University of kerman, Kerman, Masters, Architecture

my thesis in master degree is design research and education particle physics center.

Sep 1996 - Nov 2004

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