Sonal Kulkarni

Sonal Kulkarni

Los Angeles, CA, US



As a designer, artist and a social thinker, Sonal is interested not only in making a place beautiful, but in understanding and studying the past and present and how the various elements of a society can co-exist and work well to thrive itself and the others. To make not only a liveable place, but something that is timeless and dynamic in terms of accommodating change of time, of people, of use.



Department of Planning, City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, US, Planning Intern

Jan 2012 - current

Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, US, Planning Intern

Working on presentations for Chinatown Redevelopment Project
o Making recommendations for signage's and board displays.
· Working on GIS map representation of existing and 2000 data of physical conditions of Toy District, Downtown and comparison of the same.
· Researching on Clean Tech Corridor project.
· Working with Edward Huang, and reviewing redevelopment/ redesign/refurbishment projects in Chinatown

Mar 2010 - Jul 2010

Architecture Paradigm, Junior Architect

Feb 2008 - Jul 2009


University of Southern California (USC), Masters, Urban Planning

Master of Urban Planning program (MPL) at the University of Southern California (USC) address issues such as:

* How can we make a city greener without creating inefficiencies that adversely affect residents’ lives?
* How can we protect vulnerable communities while managing growth and change?
* What balance does a region need between private and public transportation?
* What design components could we insert into neighborhood plans to help residents live healthier, more socially connected lives?
* Cities are growing around the world. How does the American experience compare and contrast to the challenges and opportunities in Asian or Latin American cities?
* How do we envision a healthy, prosperous future to create livable and sustainable communities?

Sep 2009 - current


VTUniversity Rank Holder for excellence in academics, 3rd Place

Stood 3rd in the University for excellence in academics- B.Arch


Areas of Specialization