Nick Deschenes

Nick Deschenes

Dallas, TX, US



I am a 22 year old student currently attending the Art Institute of Dallas. I am in the Interior Design program seeking a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design. I have been living in Dallas 17 years. I am originally from Ottawa, Canada. Alongside going to school, I work part time for COACH in the retail industry. I have been a sales associate for them for over 2 years now. During the summer of 2011, I temporarily moved to New York City to intern with COACH's Corporate offices in the Retail Architecture department. I will be moving back to Dallas to complete my education mid August. I have an estimated graduation date being sometime in March of 2012.



COACH, Retail Architecture Intern

This is a summer internship position with Coach at their corporate offices in New York City. I am working directly with the Retail Architecture team as well as the Visual Merchandising team. Projects that I have been working on include and are not limited to the following:

New store layouts
Current store reconfigurations and updating
Fixuture Rollouts and removals
Executive office design within the building
Invoice approvals
Ordering leather and other finishes
Working with vendors and suppliers for fixtures and furniture
Site vistations of current projects from start to end

Jun 2011 - current

The Art Institute of Dallas, Resident Assistant

I am responsible, along with the rest of my team, to conduct bi-weekly inspections and enforce the rules set forth by the Art Institute Housing. We monitor events that are scheduled and hosted by ourselves and the other RA's. We are responsible for on call weekends where we are on site and available at all times via an RA phone as well as through email or personal contact. We set a good expample for the residents to follow and are available for questions, concerns, or anything of the sort. We take part in leadership training throughout the year as well to build our current leadership skills. We work as a team and provide new students with a resource when they first start off on their own if they need us.

Jul 2010 - current

COACH, Sales Associate

As a sales associate, I work with the customer hands on. I am involved in the training process of new associates. I take part in the visuals of the store including displays, and arrangements. Customer services is one of my strong points. Although we work as a team, we have individual goals for ourselves as well. For the past two years, I have attained the top sales in the store. For part of this past year, I was a "Signature Seller" which is when an associate meets the level of sales and other factors which exceeds most in the district. This job has enabled me, through manager reference and referral to be able to intern with Coach in New York over the summer.

Jun 2009 - current


The Art Institute of Dallas, High School, Bachelor of Interior Design

While studying at the Art Institute of Dallas, I have been able work with many different medias and put my creativity to use with the variety of projects we have been working on. Projects I have been exposed to and worked on include the following: Residential I & II which deal with designing a residential space given certain guidlines and limitations. Commercial I which we are to design an office space for an advertising agency given the shell of a space and some requirements. Hospitality Design lets us get creative with a culinary student and design a restaurant keeping their goals as well as our own in mind. In furniture design, we are able to work as a group and design a chair using inspiration from various time periods. We are also exposed to Green design and LEED in Environmental & Sustainable Design. We learn how to design around existing features and how to use the land to our advantage as far as energy and water are concerned. By the time I graduate, I will have also experienced Commercial II as well as Institutional design. Following those, I will create my portfolio and complete my senior project all within the next two quarters leading to an estimated graduation date being towards the end of March.

SpecialtiesRetail Design
Hand Drafting
SketchUp Modeling and Rendering
Hand Rendering
Space Planning
Time Management
Leadership Skills

Aug 2009 - current