Erin Krummenacker

Erin Krummenacker

New York, NY, US



I'm a young professional currently seeking a position as a Junior Architect/Draftsperson.  I went to Catholic Univeristy of America in Washington D.C., where I graduated from the Architecture program with a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture.  After graduating in 2008, I worked full time at a small firm on Long Island, specializing in high-end residential architecture.  I stayed with Matthew Korn Architecture for a little over a year, where I participated directly with the head architect on multiple projects ranging from additions on existing residences to new constructions.  I am looking to further my career in architecture and more then willing to expand my knowledge or architecture to other areas other then just residential.



Matthew Korn Architecture, Draftsperson

•Direct participation with principal architect for the development of designs for over 20 large-scale, high-end residential homes on the North Shore of Long Island, including new residences and extensions.
•Proficient using AutoCad for all 3D models, designs and drawings.
•Accountable for creating full sets of drawings including structural, electrical, landscape, elevations and interiors.
•Liable for numerous site visits to measure existing conditions and develop plans and elevations for those conditions.
•Responsible for overseeing the progress of construction and design phases throughout the building process to ensure the quality of work was completed to expectations and consistent with the architectural plans.
•Provided confirmation that projects were up to date and compliant with all building and zoning codes.
•Consulted and discussed with clients about different interior and exterior design options.
•Collaborated with contractors and building departments directly to ensure specifications adherence.
•Responsible for creating and constructing models of various residences.
•Directly involved with the process of alterations for projects of homes that were in need of modification due to fires. These alterations consisted of drawing existing conditions and making any changes if necessary and making sure everything is up to fire code.

Sep 2008 - Oct 2009

Paul Russo Architects, Intern

•Directly assisted in the development of residential design on various homes using AutoCad.
•Consistent participation with the head architect, while creating construction documents for multiple homes.
•Accompanied head architect on site visits to ensure the construction was being implemented to code and being done correctly.

May 2007 - Aug 2007

MLDS Architects, Intern

•Assisted with the design of various commercial projects using AutoCad.
•Worked directly with principals preparing construction documents and detailing for commercial buildings.

May 2006 - Aug 2006


The Catholic University of America, BArch, Architecture

Seven semesters of Studio Experience, Three semesters of History of Architecture, Environmental Design 1 & 2, Structures 1-3, Pre-Design Analysis, Drawing as Visualization/Advanced Rendering Techniques

Sep 2004 - May 2008

Areas of Specialization