Anitha Deshamudre

Anitha Deshamudre

Washington, DC, US

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[NCARB Intern] actively participating in IDP process towards licensure


[Personal Statement]

[d e . s i g n]
to create; to sustain
a high quality of life

In this time of rapid environmental degradation, it is imperative that we as
architects, begin to generate new methods of systems thinking and
integrated building analysis to create healthy, productive built
environments that enrich occupants’ lifestyles and strengthen their inherent
belonging to the natural world.   
I define design as the creation of a built environment that is closely integrated
with its climatic context and sustains a high quality of life for its occupants.
This body of work illustrates a framework of my skills and passion within a
design background pursuing numerous facets of sustainability including :
-[environmental sustainability]:  energy consumption + carbon footprint
-[economic sustainability]:  cost effectivity + life cycle analysis
-[social sustainability]:  occupant comfort + setting for productivity + quality of life .



EYP Architecture & Engineering, Washington, DC, US, Architectural Designer II

-Key member of design team carrying out details, drawings, and documentation throughout Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents phases, with minimal supervision.
-Led coordination process and meetings with MEPS team throughout SD, DD, and CD phases.
-Worked with Building Performance Engineering team to integrate decisions on building envelope design and energy conservation measures.
-Managed small-scale projects through Construction Documents and Construction Administration process, including submittal review and regular site visits for Owner & Contractor meetings.

Oct 2015 - current

Ashley McGraw Architects, Syracuse, NY, US, Advanced Building Designer

-Actively involved with research development in the firm (high-
performance design approach, daylighting, lighting strategies).
-Collaborated with MEP team to determine most appropriate energy
conservation measures with emphasis on performance goals.
-Worked with team on building envelope design and decisions.
-Assisted with Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction
drawing and documentation (Revit).

Oct 2010 - Jun 2015

ShortList_0 Design Group LLC, [short-term] Indepedent Consultant

-Experience in Feasibility Studies, Simulation Studies,
Life-Cycle Analysis, Research Documentation

-Experience in Coordination with Engineering services & Vendors

-[other Skills acquired]
-design communication skills
-strong problem-solving skills + formulative thinking/analysis
-attention to presentation/documentation skills
-strong interpersonal skills

Mar 2011 - May 2011

Wright McGraw Beyer Architects, Architectural Intern

-Experience in Schematic Design, Design Development,
Construction Documentation & Office Management in Healthcare projects)

-Experience in Coordination with Engineering services

-[other Skills acquired]
-analytical thinking skills
-strong problem-solving skills
-attention to detail + presentation/documentation skills
-strong interpersonal + teamwork skills

May 2008 - Aug 2008


University of North Carolina, MArch, School of Architecture

Concentration: Sustainability/Technology
[Thesis Pursuit: Energy Performance of Building Envelopes]

Aug 2008 - May 2010

University of North Carolina, Bachelors, School of Architecture

Aug 2004 - May 2008


American Solar Energy Society SOLAR 2011 Conference, Other


-Published paper

Deshamudre, Anitha. “Exploring a Quantitative
Evidence-Based Methodology as an Interface for
High-Performance Building\Envelope Design.”
American Solar Energy Society, SOLAR 2011
Proceedings, 2011.
July 2011 [Yet to Release, SOLAR 2011 Proceedings]


American Solar Energy Society SOLAR 2010 Conference, Other


-Published paper

Deshamudre, Anitha. “Investigating the Implications
of Design Decisions and Implications of Parametrics
of High-Performance Building Envelopes.” American
Solar Energy Society, SOLAR 2010 Proceedings, 2010.
July 2010 [Released, SOLAR 2010 Proceedings]


Architectural Research Center Consortium (ARCC) King Student Medal, Award

-Recipient[ May 2010 ] - (for Excellence in Architectural + Environmental Research)


AIA Henry Adams School Medal & Certificate of Merit, 1st Place

- Recipient [ May 2010 ]


AIA Minority Scholarship, Scholarship

- Recipient [ 2004 - 2006 ]


Areas of Specialization