Aric Austermann

Aric Austermann

Chicago, IL, US



Design Statement
Good architecture comes from a visual design that also incorporates sound technical concepts.
The computer is a wonderful tool that enhances our ability to design. It reduces the amount of
time spent on technical details freeing up time for designing better architecture. Often considered
to do work for you, it is no different than a pencil and paper when used as a medium to express
ideas. The analysis that can be performed by computers makes buildings safer and cheaper while
minimizing their carbon footprint.



Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Computer Lab Manager

Tech support for professors and staff; maintain computer lab equipment and software

Jun 2010 - current

Campus and Conference Centers, Illinois Institute of Technology, Production Crew

Conference set-up and responding to clients' real time needs

Sep 2008 - Aug 2010

Schoenhardt Architecture and Interior Design, Architectural Intern

Computer drawing and production work to assist architectural staff

Feb 2006 - Aug 2008


Aug 2006 - May 2011

Areas of Specialization