Nicole M Friend

Nicole M Friend

Boston, MA, US



Avaliable to work in any city!

Following Socrates motto, ‘all I know is that I know nothing’, Nicole is aware that there is always more to know than what you see and learn.  Before attending Roger Williams University she participated in robotics, advanced chemistry as well as art and filmmaking.  Architecture was the perfect focus for all of her passions both technical and artistic.  Recently Nicole has pinpointed her future focus in the architectural profession. Fascinated with the processes and formation of cities, she has developed a catalogue of both quantitative and qualitative research, including mappings, photographs and analysis on a historical and contemporary basis for several places.  These cities include Los Angeles, Florence, Shanghai, Tokyo, Cairo, and Buenos Aires. The list continues to grow, as one of her main goals in life is to visit and experience as many cities in the world as possible.  Already seeing first hand the vibrancy of many of the cities that were the focus of her research she has also visited Istanbul, Barcelona, Berlin, Rome, Interlaken, Milan, Venice, Amsterdam, Athens and Beijing, all on a limited student budget. Nicole is currently researching and cataloging cultural adaptation in Los Angeles focusing on Chinatown and the Garment District.  A recent Masters of Architecture graduate from Unversity of Southern California she is excited to see what will come next. Through her current and future research she hopes to develop an understanding on how cities operate and grow, which will in turn enable her and other professionals to design thoughtfully and creatively.



Professor Vinayak Bharne, Lead Research Associate


International Competition for the Urban Design and Harmony and Historic Conservation of Opera and Ataba Squares, Cairo, Egypt, along with John Dutton, AIA; 2010
Participated in design and the production of final drawings, diagrams and package.

In Praise of Qanats: Towards an Infrastructural Urbanism in Yazd; published 2011, Rotterdam,
Involved in diagramming key ideas, as well as producing graphical analysis of research to strengthen arguments.

Rediscovering the Hindu Temple: Sacred Architecture and Urbanism; in review
Produced diagrams to support text.

Japanese Architecture Unveiled; in review,
Joining the project towards completion, conducting research for final chapter and producing supporting diagrams throughout book.

Jan 2010 - current

University of Southern California (USC), Teaching Assistant

Assisted in grading and class discussions, managed grades and weekly work for up to 90 students. Critical part of class long research project, assisted each student in developing and executing a research project.


Architecture Culture and Community: ARCH 114: PROFESSORS: Kim Colman & Laura Matchison

The Natural Landscape: ARCH 531: PROFESSORS: Regula Campbell & Doug Campbell

Elements of the Urban Landscape: ARCH 532: PROFESSOR: Vinayak Bharne

Architecture in the Urban Landscape: Projects and Places: ARCH 561: PROFESSOR: Robert Harris

Aug 2009 - Jan 2011

University of Southern California (USC), Architecture and Fine Arts Library Staff

Aug 2009 - Dec 2010

Gemitti Model Art, Qualified Model Builder; Paint Room Manager

Constant product knowledge growth through continual hands-on application and expansion of computer programs and machinery.

Aug 2006 - Oct 2007


University of Southern California (USC), MArch, Architecture

Tau Sigma Delta, Architecture Honors Society Member; Lambda Chapter

At USC, my curriculum included urban design history and theory, fabrication, and algorithmic design. I was privileged to be a student of Stefano de Martino, a former member of OMA, and Neil Leach a notable architectural theorist, as well a several other celebrated professionals. During my two years at USC, I also worked as a teaching assistant for undergraduate and graduate level classes. I was involved in assisting undergraduate students in their precedent research projects, guiding them through proper research methods and assisting them on their papers, projects, and presentations. In one particular case, a class with 80 students, focused on a semester-long urban research project. Each student developed an individual research topic. I met with them on a daily basis to assist in both written and visual analysis, as well as the development and improvement of their projects.

Aug 2009 - May 2011

Roger Williams University, Bachelors, Architecture

Graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Architecture with a minor in Art and Architectural History.

Spent a semester in Florence, Italy at The Institute at Palazzo Rucellai.

Aug 2002 - May 2006


The Alpha Rho Chi Bronze Medal, Award

In 1931, the Grand Council of Alpha Rho Chi established the Alpha Rho Chi Medal to "encourage professional leadership by rewarding student accomplishment." The Fraternity provides the medal to selected schools of architecture throughout the country to be awarded to the graduating senior who has shown an affinity for leadership, performed willing service for the school or department, and gives promise of real professional merit through his or her attitude and personality. The Alpha Rho Chi Medal is awarded annually to graduating seniors at accredited schools of architecture in the United States and Canada and at schools with an active chapter of Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity, and is judged by the faculty of that school of architecture as best exemplifying these qualities.


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