Tom Morgan

Tom Morgan

Marietta, GA, US



My goal is to work in design and development for a regional or national company that needs a key person to lead their team in producing hotels, restaurants, specialty care facilities such as Sr. Center, adult living, adult day care, child care, assisted living, extended stay, or nursing homes, where hard work creates results and the benefits of those results are shared.


Lusk Construction, Lead Architect

Joined Lusk Construction in 2001 to fulfill their desire to have an Architect on Staff and move from Contractor Only Services to Design-Build Services. We shifted from dressed-up metal buildings to specialty construction that lends itself to the Team approach, designing and building structures that were too intricate to be common practice for small contractors. We also carved a niche in the banking business, performing Design-Build on Six Banks, including two Regional Headquarters Buildings for two different institutions. These were both three-story facilities in the 30,00 S.F. range that included local banking and regional offices. These two banking establishments had very different image goals and operation strategies which made them unique challenges.

Lusk also specialized in Churches and Private Schools over the last few years, with a concentration on Master Planning for future growth in stages. Both of these building
types tend to need to start their campus wisely but small, so that the first building adds enrollment or members, that boosts income, and in turns allows for more building additions.

During the last 10 Years Lusk has done much more than these types of institutions and has used a wide range of building types, including structural steel studs, convention red-iron, pre-engineered steel, wood, and pre-cast. We won several Awards for creative yet
efficient design, from Agricultural Retail to High-End Industrial, and another for the Glitzy Yet Traditional Peach State Bank.

Jan 2001 - Jan 2011

Hauseman Group Architects, Lead Architect

Led the charge at the Hausman Group to Bid for and eventually secure the position of Standby Design Services for Fulton County. This allowed Hausman to thrive in the Municipal Market while their staple of designing large office building waned in the over-built office market.

We expanded this Municipal Opportunity into an involvement in Senior Centers, Senior Day Care, Assisted Living, Extended Suite Living, and Schools. We also ventured into the Cell Phone Tower Business and Tenant fit-Up for National Food Chains such as Planet Smoothie, during some rather lean years in the Architecture Business. Flexibility was the way to stay alive then as it is today.

Jan 1997 - Jan 2001

Sholodge, VIce President of Design and Construction

Led the Design and Construction Division of ShoLodge from a hotel management company that was building one to two exterior corridor Shoney’s Inns a year with a staff of three, into a company with a new Interior Corridor Shoney’s Inn and Suites, a new Sumner Suites that was franchised to others and built in-house at the rate of 10 to 12 a year with a budget of approximately $ 60 million and a staff of nine. Employed 150 workers. We built 40 hotels for ourselves and others.

Renovated 14 Company Owned Shoneys Inns with all new finishes and furniture.

Built 6 Amerisuites Hotels for Prime Motor Inns and completed 6 others that had been started by Prime before they had to abandon them during Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection. When they came out of Bankruptcy we sold them back the finished hotels and made $ 20 million profit

Jan 1990 - Jan 1996


University of Illinois Chicago, Masters, Architecture

While enrolled at the University of Illinois, I acquired for myself a Master's degree in Architecture and a Master of Business Administration.

May 1981 - Dec 1983

Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), Bachelors, Architecture

I acquired a Bachelor of Science in Architecture while enrolled at the Georgia Institute of Technology and my senior year, I studied abroad at the Ecole des Beaux school of Arts- Paris, France.

Aug 1977 - May 1981


Outstanding student University of Illinois, 1st Place


Valedictorian of Architecture, 1st Place


Areas of Specialization