Katherine Roberts

Katherine Roberts

New York, NY, US



I am an architectural graduate living in New York City, having moved from New Zealand in July 2011. Originally from Washington DC, I grew up and studied in Wellington, New Zealand.

Since graduating with a 5 year Bachelors of Architecture (Hons) from Victoria University of Wellington in 2009, I have been tutoring in the first and second year programs within the School of Architecture at Victoria University, as well as starting a small print publication, Posture Publication.

Along with my architectural and design interests, I have an increasing leaning towards art direction, editorial for print and digital production.

Basically, I take great pleasure in creating beautiful projects and documents that are a pleasure to read, both graphically and textually.


Victoria University of Wellington, Tutor (architecture).

Employed by the Faculty of Architecture and Design at Victoria University as a tutor for first year Architectural Communication and Architectural Design papers, and second year Architectural Design and History and theory.
Working with groups of 12-20 students within a studio environment, my role as a primary design tutor was to encourage students to develop design ideas and methodologies, and to engage in critical discussion through participation in active critique of architectural design processes and practices. The projects I’ve taught have ranged from dealing with the representation of abstract or intangible architectural qualities, through to more formally resolved, tectonic architectural artifacts, and all with a strong focus upon the development of design processes.
This role included grading and moderation of essays and design projects.
Courses taught:
2011: sarc111 Introduction to Design Processes, arci211 Architectural Design, arci251 Architectural History and Theory.
2010: sarc111 Introduction to Design Processes [formally arch111], sarc112 Design Processes [formally arch112], sarc162 Communications, arci251 Architectural History and eory.
2009: arch111 Architectural Design, arch112 Architectural Design.
2008: arch112 Architectural Design.

Jul 2008 - Jun 2011

Victoria University of Wellington, Research Assistant

Prefab panel system. Primary role was working on the configuration of a single panel and the connection
configurations of multiple panels. Involved 3D computer and physical modeling.

Aug 2010 - Dec 2010

Victoria University of Wellington, Exhibition Assistant.

Employed by Victoria University as an exhibition assistant for various exhibitions. Roles included curation, set up and take-down, administration, liaison with students and staff.
September 2010 — Project 1 exhibition, sarc162 Communications.
May 2009 & 2010 — Graduation exhibition, School of Architecture
November 2008 & 2009 — End of Year exhibition, School of Architecture

Nov 2008 - Sep 2010

Victoria University of Wellington, Research Assistant

Designing of a monograph for an architect [and lecturer at Victoria University]. Duties included research and documentation of projects, and graphic layout of book and contents.

Nov 2009 - Mar 2010


Victoria University of Wellington, BArch, Bachelor of Architecture

5 year professional degree.
Awarded with first class honors from Victoria University of Wellington. Primary areas of exploration and research focused upon architectural drawing and representation, and the roles of the reader and the writer of architecture.

Feb 2005 - Nov 2009


Excellence in Architecture, Award

Awarded by Victoria University of Wellington follow my final year of study.


Areas of Specialization