Scott Ehrlich

Scott Ehrlich

Longmont, CO, US



My name is Scott Ehrlich and I am a recent graduate of the Program in Environmental Design at the University of Colorado in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. I love sports and the outdoors, which made CU and Boulder the perfect place to earn my degree. My emphasis was in Architecture and I truly enjoy all facets of the design process up to and including the construction of the project. I consider myself a maker and love working with my hands to create, so my passion falls squarely into the realm of Design/Build. In the summer of 2014 I was lucky enough to be a part of a Design/Build project through CU at the Lama Foundation near Taos, New Mexico where we designed and build a small hut. I enjoyed it so much I begged to come back the next semester as a teaching assistant, and this awoke another passion I have: teaching. I intend to continue my education eventually earning a Masters of Architecture and becoming a practicing Architect. 

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University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, CO, US, Bachelors, Environmental Design

My emphasis was in Architecture and I am particularly interested in Design/Build

Jan 2011 - May 2015

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