Carolina Almeida

Carolina Almeida

New York, NY, US

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I'm a motivated individual eager to learn and utilize personal working experiences to excel at projects, jobs and internships. Along with passion and motivation to grow knowledgeable; my high flexibility, focus, and attention to quality produces a professional result. I believe my team managerial abilities, computer literacy, and passion for architecture and engineering design showcase my strive to excel in any opportunity given.

I'm in the search for a job position which presents me with the opportunities to experience world problems and challenges. My current interest lies with architecture and/or interior architecture, design, engineering, and architectural model making companies/firms that can intensified my learning experience.

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Chicago Architectural Club, Chicago, IL, US, Intern + Speaker

- Member of the production and transcript team
- "Tigerman on the table" featuring the legacy of Stanley Tigerman

Feb 2018 - Jun 2018

Garnett Architects LLC, Chicago, IL, US, Architectural Designer

- Participated on all construction phases of corporate and renovation design
-Created interior design spaces with cutting edge architectural details,
furniture and technology selection for fluid, and organic work environments
to satisfy, and reflect the client's personality and culture
- Coordinate with multiple vendors on construction, furnishing and budget
- Managed site visits, field surveys, renderings and construction documentation

May 2017 - May 2018

Sterling Renovations & Design, Southlake, TX, US, Architectural Designer

- Full service luxury residential renovation experience
- Elaborated design-build and construction documentation
- Produced design renderings and construction drawings, material selection,
budget estimation and marketing strategies
- Managed site visits, field, surveys and clients engagement

May 2016 - Dec 2016

Alt Architecture and Research Associates, Chicago, IL, US, Architectural Intern

- Designed and renovated healing environments, educational and community
buildings for veterans and people with disabilities
- Produced graphics for publications, and digital and physical models
- Managed site visits

May 2015 - Feb 2016

SCF Arquitectos, San Juan, PR, US, Architectural Intern

- Participated on site and building analysis, construction regulations, graphic
and schematic design team
- Created digital and physical models, and presentations for a multi-family
residential building located in San Juan, PR

May 2014 - Aug 2014


Columbia University, New York, NY, US, Masters, MS Advance Architectural Design

Professional Master of Science in Advance Architectural Design at GSAPP

May 2018 - current

Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Chicago, IL, US, Minor in Construction Management

Minor in Construction Management

Jan 2016 - May 2018

Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Chicago, IL, US, BArch, Architecture

Professional Bachelor of Architecture

Aug 2013 - May 2018


MSAAD Program Scholarship | Columbia University, Scholarship


AIA Chicago Award | Illinois Institute of Technology, Award


Architecture Dean's List | Illinois Institute of Technology Academic Excellence, Award


SUPERCRIT Transfer Dialogues Series | Columbia University, Award


Bio-Fabrication Dialogues Series | Catholic University of Chile, Other


IPRO Program | Illinois Institute of Technology, 1st Place


Spring Awards | Illinois Institute of Technology, Award


[CULT] | iitExposure, Award


[FAME] | iitExposure, Award


IIT College of Architecture First Year Design Student Work, Award


IIT College of Architecture First Year Design Student Work, Award


Illinois Institute of Technology Heald Scholarship, Scholarship


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