Ramona Huynh

Ramona Huynh

Torrance, CA, US



I am looking to further expand and push the definition of what it means to be an interior designer. I would like to do more than simply string together superficial applications that complement each other; but to aim to truly compose an interior atmosphere that provides a holistic experience and benefit to its occupant. I believe that there are no distinct demarcations of where one facet of design ends and where another begins. One design is bound to influence another. 

Surprisingly, this all comes as a close second, possibly a tie, to my first passion of getting involved with the community and promoting volunteerism. I believe we all need to unplug from our "everyday" and simply connect and give back to the world around each of us.

During my undergrad in Philly, I had this instantaneous loop of a daydream playing in my head as soon as I sat down in a SEPTA train. As, the train would slowly trail from the Norristown area into Center City, there were areas in between that came across as sad and forgotten. Just one dilapidated building after another. Each one broken but showing hope with mother nature growing out of windows and cracks in between the bricks. In my head I would imagine these forgotten buildings getting resuscitated enough to eventually allow life to fill its walls and surroundings. I'd dream of youth centers, libraries, community theaters, playgrounds and more.


Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti Milano (NABA), Milan, Italy, Bachelors, Study Abroad

A semester long program that focused on interior, interactive and graphic design. Projects included designing a conceptual pop up store, around a featured fashion designer, during Milan's fashion week, creating a presentation on the studies of how urban societies react when their everyday architecture is disrupted, and designing a mock up of a product that would encourage a more personal interaction between two individuals in a long distance relationship.

Aug 2008 - Dec 2014

Philadelphia University, Philadelphia, PA, US, Bachelors, Interior Design

A four year program that focused more on how interior design can be done in a way to be beneficial for the user while being mindful what materials and techniques are utilized to be least harmful and more beneficial to the environment. There were courses on interior and exterior construction, lighting, materials, ergonomics and more. The program began with everything being hand drawn and drafted and then later introducing programs like AutoCAD and 3DsMax so that a rigidness would not develop when beginning to start with conceptual development and be limited to feeling stuck within a "box."

Aug 2006 - May 2010

Areas of Specialization