Richard Throgmorton

Richard Throgmorton

Wilmington, NC, US




Freelance, Wilmington, NC, US, Drafting /Modeling/ Rendering

While dealing with the housing crash of 2008 I took this opportunity to take freelance work within the architectural community. Most of my contracts were for architectural drafting of residental and commercial projects. 3D projects consisted of much of the same architectural designs with the inclusion of independent home owners looking to remodel or add-on to existing.

I have done work for independent game companies generating 3d models of architecture. I also created digital terrain by converting Normandy France Open Street Map and GIS data for use in a WWII game. I also created vector art using Illustrator to generate web and game assets for presentation and in-game GUI features. Currently I am converting V-Ray rendering engine scenes for use in Maxwell Render for a designer of furniture.

Jul 2008 - current

Matrix Facilities Management, Wilmington, NC, US, Contractor

I moved to Wilmington with my wife when she was transferred through work. It was at this time the housing crash of 2008 hit the U.S. Living in a smaller community put me at a big disadvantage but I was fortunate to acquire work in a very different field; facilities management.

I was offered the contract at the Carmike Cinemas from the current contract owner who was moving to another state. General duties for 2 facilities were for both the Carmike Cinemas 4 (Carolina Beach) and 16 (Wilmington). These included: management of 20 auditoriums, 6 bathrooms, approximately 40,000 sq. ft. of marble tile and carpet, the equipment, supplies, chemicals handling and 3 - 5 employees depending on the season.

This contract really challenged my physical and mental self like no other job. This was a 7 days a week/ 365 days a year job where I averaged 1.5 days off every 3 weeks. This is the job that audio books were made for. In the end it was an experience that changed nearly every aspect of my life since I could experience a side of society I had not thought too much of and I am physically and mentally healthier now than I was at 25 years old.

Oct 2008 - Nov 2014

Maxwell Johannsen Maher, Nashville, TN, US, Graphic Artist/ 3D Artist/ Architectural Drafter

Generate color elevations, site plans and pylon exhibits using AutoCAD, Photoshop and Illustrator. Also, generated construction documents and coordinated with contractors on projects such as Starbucks, Dick’s Sporting Goods and National Tire and Battery.

Worked with the department lead to generate an updated and higher quality set of 2d elevation prototypes for the main clients. We also developed a complete set of 3d model sections to facilitate generation of 2d/3d renderings for all standard and non-standard project for the main clients. It provided a cleaner and accurate representation of conditions for any new projects.

The project was done using Autocad to build and 3d Studio Max to render. Maxwell Render was used to generate highly realistic images for higher quality presentations.

Feb 2006 - Apr 2008

Everton-Oglesby Architects, Nashville, TN, US, CAD Manager, Architectural Drafter, 3D Artist

Generated design and construction documents for multiple projects.
Town homes/ Condominiums
Single-Family Residential
Government (Local and Federal)
Update and create office drafting standards in MS Word and HTML formats.
Implementation of ADT 2004-2006 forced new standards to be developed and for training sessions to be started.
Default projects were created to facilitate fast project setups
Base directory structure
Standard drawings
Standard layer and other settings
Trained users and managed ADT use and integration into the current workflow.
Generated online, navigable html documents of the existing hard bound office standards and manuals.
Serviced and maintained servers used in housing the intranet site, project files, details and blocks drawings.
Generated 3D imagery using ADT5, 3D Studio Max 6 & 7, 3d Studio Viz 2005.
Generated 2D imagery using Photoshop and Illustrator 7.0.

Jun 2004 - Sep 2005

HBE Corporation, St. Louis, MO, 3D Artist/ Architectural Drafter

Generated design documents for the financial and hospital departments using a modified version of AutoCAD r14. Built 3d models for use in massing, interior, lighting, building material, existing vs. proposed site studies and renders images for used in project bids presentations and marketing literature using AutoCAD r2k, 2002, ADT.

Managed the computer graphics group by keeping workload dispersed, schedules updated while keeping track of resources allocated and maintaining the integrity of the product delivered to the client. I maintain a small inter-office web server to show current rendering project status and to display past projects. This was built using the PHP scripting language on a Windows 2000-based Pentium II computer.
Regularly maintain and update a library of components to keep the post-rendering artist and myself a step ahead to constantly generate a better product. Researched the latest technologies in computer drafting and rendering to determine any benefit to the company and make recommendations for purchases.

Sep 2001 - Apr 2004

Amato/Reed Associates, St. Louis, MO, 3D Artist/ Architectural Drafter

My position was to create and revise concept designs of stores such as Famous Barr, Foley’s, Robinsons-May, Lord & Taylor’s and others. The 2d CAD files were then modeled in AutoCAD 14, 2000 and rendered in 3d Studio Max.

Other duties included system administration and maintenance of the office network system and solving issues with the cad software. I also dealt with ongoing training for architects and other employees in using AutoCAD r14 and 2000.

Jun 1998 - Sep 2001

PDS Technical, St. Louis, MO, Architectural Drafter/ 3D Artist

-Kennedy Associates Inc
Architectural drafter, 3d modeling and rendering, presentation graphics, and web page design/update. I trained a small group of drafters and the cad administrator in using Microstation for a new project. This included coordination with the system/cad administrators on hardware and software support. I also maintained their internet and intranet sites using Netscape and MS FrontPage as my editors.

-Benham Group
As an architectural drafter I worked on the redesign and addition to an Anhueser Busch warehouse. I also generated renderings to show a linear construction timeline plus lighting and materials studies used to help determine the final design.

I participate in Microstation training for AutoCAD drafters and assisted the cad manager in workstation customization for all users. A highlight was to be able to work with the head of the St. Louis Microstation Users Group (who was also the cad administrator) while he coordinated a local convention and help setup speakers and events.

Apr 1997 - Jun 1998

Burns & McDonnell, St. Louis, MO, Architectural Drafter/ 3D Artist

General duties were creating construction documents for the architectural, mechanical, civil, and electrical departments. I recommended software and hardware and assisted in installation and testing of other new software packages. I participated and helped coordinate a group to get drafting standards and practices set to improve communication between architects, engineers and the drafters.

In July 1997 I took a training course in Project Architect at Intergraph’s Huntsville location. This course prepared me for an eleven-month position with Monsanto’s architectural and engineering group.

I worked with a Monsanto architect, Fred Alexander, to repair the existing cad files and update floor plans. I created a large 3d library of standard components (casework, office equipment and furniture, etc.) to help in designing new laboratories and office space. I worked with FMSG, the in-house design group, as a design assistant in generating office layouts and meeting code requirements while training the FMSG designers in using AutoCAD and Microstation. I also assisted the Monsanto CAD Coordinator with technical issues involving training and using Project Architect throughout the St. Louis facility.

I worked as lead drafter these projects:
· Monsanto W building corridors and restrooms (plans & 3d models)
· Monsanto GG2411 office remodel (plans & 3d models)
· Monsanto Q & T building restroom renovation (plans & 3d models)
· New control building for Mississippi Lime (plans & 3d models)
· Illinois American training room
· 3d models of laboratories for the Q & T buildings

Mar 1996 - Apr 1997

Design Extender, St. Louis, MO, Drafter

I was trained in Microstation v4 for DOS and a custom package used for the layout and design of cable television networks. Several months of high quality and production of as-built drawings awarded me a promotion as engineering assistant and new-hire training.

The highlight of the job was to help design a cable television system for Cartegena, South America. The project was done using a new cable design package and Microstation 95 for Windows. Miscellaneous other design projects were done using AutoCAD r12, r13.I was trained in Microstation v4 for DOS and a custom package used for the layout and design of cable television networks. Several months of high quality and production of as-built drawings awarded me a promotion as engineering assistant and new-hire training.

The highlight of the job was to help design a cable television system for Cartegena, South America. The project was done using a new cable design package and Microstation 95 for Windows. Miscellaneous other design projects were done using AutoCAD r12, r13.

When not drafting I was digitizing large topograhical maps to be used for cable system layouts. These were then converted into multiple reference files to maintain design integrity between drafters and designers.

Nov 1993 - Mar 1996

Butler Design Group, Lake St. Louis, MO US, Drafter

AutoCAD r12 was used for drafting and designing telephony component systems. This included background drawings, general layout plans, wiring schematics and documentation.

Fast proficiency led me to survey the Contico warehouses in St. Louis covering (3) warehouses, (2) mfg. buildings and the corporate offices. Both cad drawings and 3d-massing models were used in placing new, and identifying existing, equipment with a very favorable client response.

Aug 1993 - Nov 1993


ITT Technical Institute, Earth City, MO, US, Computer Aided Design Technology

Feb 1992 - May 1993