Martina Asara

Martina Asara

Asti, IT




Archea Associati, Florence, IT, Visual Architect

I worked at several projects, mainly concept design, with different size (from furniture to city planning). In each project, I’ve looked after the artistic direction of the presentation to the client. I also participated in many international competitions and, dealing with the final documents editing, I was workflow manager too.
I was project’s chief in the competition on call for the City Island Monument concept design in Changsha Meixi Lake, a Chinese new town (second place in second phase).
I used to take an active part in the design’s first phase, focusing my research on the project’s main idea: references collection, phenomenon’s overview, in-depth analysis. Then I systematized knowledge and design choises in the graphic representation: explicative 3d schemes, icons, infographics and finally I produced the final document.

Jul 2012 - Apr 2014

University of Genoa, Architecture Science Department, Genoa, IT, Architect, Tutor, Web designer

During my experience at the Department I took part in the Ministerial Research Program Archeonet, archeaology | turism | landscape, about the infrastructures’ settlement of Spread Museums.
I had the chance to face both planning issue of territorial strategies and architecture design’s theme, with the roof’s design of the Frescos Domus in Luni Archaeological Site.
I was Tutor at a national workshop for the last-year students, about the requalification of the Archeaological Site and
its urban sorrounding. Finally, I helped to collect the entire experience in the book “Archeonet”, 22 publishing, Milano.

May 2011 - Jun 2012


University of Genoa, Genoa, IT, MArch, Architect

I graduated just in time with full grades (110/110)

The Degree Thesis dealt with:
"The prefabricated envelope in residential multi-storey research, compared with traditional techniques, design and practical application"
FDG (Frigerio Design Group) offered us the chance to conceive a prefabricated envelope for his housing project in Vercelli, Italy. We analysed the italian market of concrete prefabrication and we visited some factories in Norh Italy to collect information about peculiarities, energy efficiency and technological systems of prefabricated concrete wallboard. Finally we purposed two design solutions and, through the comparation with traditional building techniques, we calculated the costs- and timesaving of the prefabrication.

Oct 2005 - Mar 2011

Scientific Hight School “Vercelli”, Asti, Italy, Asti, IT, High School, Scientific High School

Diplom grade: 92/100

Sep 1999 - Jul 2005


A.S.T.I. fest - Architecture Festival in Asti, 1st Place

Event’s communication graphic design of a representative and original logo, of the depliant, the poster and business cards.


U4energy competition, 2nd Place

Runner Up for the category B: "Best teaching actions on efficient energy use"
Project “Think sustainable–Little eco houses”, developed with the teacher Cinzia Chelo: lower secondary pupils have modelled, animated and presented six Eco-Houses within the most popular sustainable devices.
I dealt with the technical support in SketchUp-use and with architectures' supervision of the houses.

Innovate the educational methods, using new communication technologies, join together different branches of knowledge, the intuition of an open-mind teacher and passionate thirteen years old students. These are the ingredients of this project.
Think Sustainability grows out of a “family-brainstorming” because the teacher is my mother and we conceived together the idea to let the pupils model with SketchUp six virtual Eco- Houses, provided with the most popular energy-saving devices.


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