Tomas Kupriunas

Tomas Kupriunas

London, GB,



Tomas Kupriūnas Architects Studio  provides architectural, structural and project management services since 1998. We are guided by the main principles of the provision of services - fulfilling the needs of the clients we look deeper and wider than clients required, we meet clients personal and buisness needs taking a part in a whole process – from the generation of the ideas to their realisation, seeking to optimise the possibilities to reach the best outcomes available when designing aesthetical, funcional and sustanable multi purpose buildings. Our service include Architectural planning, Design, Administration of buildingcontract, Urban and Regional Planning,Environmental research and analysis, Construction management services, Financial and feasibility studies and coordination through each phase of the project and thus providing a total involvement from the start till the commissioning of the project. When using the latest methodology in planning and designing, we are able to deliver services matching international standards. Our mission is based on the building design philosophy - to improve the quality of people’s lives through their buildings, to reduce the impact of the building on the earth and to make good design and sustainable development accessible to people living or working there. Current thinking on sustainability in construction provides us an important framework to the decision making process by taking into account lifecycle energy, material & process toxicity and the wider social implications of choices made. Our philosophy of designing buildings is eco- sustainability, where a luxury lifestyle and eco-friendly living are not mutually exclusive. We are balancing between “eco-friendly” design and clients‘ unique vision and requirements on one hand, and the realities of budget, site conditions, legislation and etc. on the other hand. We guide our clients through the design and construction process seeking to achieve the best possible outcomes with the resources available. We have proved our ability in meeting our client requirements in the pre-fixed time frame and well within their financial capacity.One of the area of the services we specialise in is log&timber houses. The architect designing timber houses has have in-depth understanding of the properties & behaviors of log & timber. Timber, as a material, provides exciting possibilities in architectural and structural design that have long been recognised and employed. This understanding can only be developed through years of education and direct personal experience in practice.



Tomas Kupriunas Architecs Studio, Utena, LT, The head

Feb 2010 - current


Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Vilnius, LT, MArch, Architecture

Master specialization- Buildings renovation

Sep 1994 - Jun 2000

Areas of Specialization