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UniCredit, Porta Nuova Garibaldi

These three office towers and their podium are the largest components of Porta Nuova Garibaldi, a mixed-use development north of Milan’s city center. Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects designed the master plan for the 7-hectare development, which creates a new and grand gateway to the city.

The towers—31, 22, and 11 stories tall—include Italy’s tallest building, and are visible from more than six miles away. Spiraling upward, the 31-story asymmetrical tower culminates in a sculptural stainless steel spire. Like the two smaller towers, the building is clad in reflective glass. Their narrow, curved forms enclose a circular piazza, a new public space that links the buildings to their surroundings. Facing the piazza, the facades incorporate sunshades, emphasizing the buildings’ fluid shape. At the street level, the towers are clad in stone.

Around the piazza, a glass-and-steel, ring-shaped canopy connects the podiums of the three towers. Two levels of shops are above the piazza, with additional retail and dining at the sunken level. In addition to retail, the combined podium contains parking and a direct connection to the Stazione Garibaldi rail station. Extending south, the piazza meets Corso Como, a pedestrian street of fashion shops, restaurants, and cafés.

Each of the buildings is pre-certified LEED Silver. Energy consumption will be reduced by 37 percent through high-performance glazing, advanced building systems, high efficiency lighting and daylight controls. Inside the buildings, filtered outside air, temperature monitoring systems will create a comfortable working environment. In addition, a direct line of daylight will reach 90 percent of the occupied areas.

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Status: Built
Location: Milan, IT
Firm Role: Design Architect
Additional Credits: Senior Principal/Senior Design Principal: Cesar Pelli, FAIA and Fred Clarke, FAIA
Principal/Design Team Leader: Gregg Jones, AIA, LEED AP
Senior Associate/Associate/Designers: Nathaniel Hadley, Rob Narracci, Guillermo Brandi

Executive Architect: Adamson Associates Architects
Local Architect: Tekne, Ingegneria
Landscape Local / Executive Architect: LAND S.r.l.
Landscape Design Architect: Edaw
Landscape Conceptual Master Planning: Gehl Architects Aps
Structural Engineer, Podium: Alpina, S.p.A
Structural Engineer, Towers: MSC Associati, S.r.l
MEP Engineer, Design: BuroHappold
MEP Engineer, Local / Executive: Ariatta, Ingegneria Dei Sistemi, S.r.l.
Civil Engineer: Alpina, S.p.A.
Lighting Design: Rossi Bianchi Lighting Design
Quantity Surveyor: J&A Consulting
Façade Engineering: Sutdio di Ingegneria Rigone
Wind Tunnel Testing: RWDI
Acousitic Consultant: Studio di Ingegneria Acustica M. Brugola
Security Consultant: Selesta
Fire Code Consultant: Studio Leonardo Corbo
Garbage Consultant: Montana
Direzione Lavori Generale: Studio Ceruti
Direzione Lavori Strutture: CeAS
Direzione Lavori Impianti: Manens, BMZ Impianti
Transportation Systems: Azienda Transporti Milanesi, S.p.A.
Vertical Transportation Design: Persohn / Hahn Assocaites
Vertical Transportation Local: Adriano Tenconi
Feature Elevator Design Build: Maspero Elevatori
Façade Contractor: Permasteelisa, S.p.A.
Glazing Supplier: Guardian
Stone Supplier: Campolonghi Italia
Stone Consultant: Franco and Max Barsi
Canopy Design Build: Novum Structures
Canopy Glazing: Making Glass
Canopy Photovoltaics: Energy Glass
Spire Design Build: S.e.V.a.L.
Spire Lighting Contractor: WeLed S.r.l.
Ventilation Sculpture Design Build: Zintek
Sunken Piazza and Exterior Piazza façades: Amitti
Feature Ceilings Contractor: N.i.L. s.r.l.
Artist: Alberto Garutti
Project Management Consultant: IM.CO. S.p.A.

Photo by Jeff Goldberg/Esto
Photo by Jeff Goldberg/Esto
Photo by Jeff Goldberg/Esto
Photo by Jeff Goldberg/Esto
Photo by Jeff Goldberg/Esto
Photo by Jeff Goldberg/Esto
Photo by Stefano Gusmeroli
Photo by Stefano Gusmeroli
Photo by Jeff Goldberg/Esto
Photo by Jeff Goldberg/Esto