Pejman Bahramipour

Pejman Bahramipour

Cincinnati, OH, US

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Being a detail oriented and creative urban designer and planner, my desire is to solve urban issues through my expertise in urban design and planning: preparing master plans, community planning and sustainable development, data analysis, land use and zoning, transportation planning and downtown revitalization. Seven years advanced education and two years of dynamic work experience coalesce the skills that I offer as a creative urban designer and solution provider.



City of Cincinnati, CAGIS, Cincinnati, OH, US, Urban Planning Intern

• Creating high-quality graphics, diagrams, maps for clients such as architecture
and urban design companies
• Communicating with clients and being responsible for selling GIS data and
analyzing GIS data based on clients’ requests such as community planning
maps, zoning, land use, street network, exporting DWG files from file
geodatabase, etc.
• Revising and preparing land use and transportation maps
• Updating, managing, and mapping data using (GIS) for redevelopment projects
and preparing reports

May 2018 - current

School of Planning, College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning( DAAP), Cincinnati, OH, US, Graduate Research Assistant

• Investigated and analyzed the relationship between sustainability and
sustainable development
• Investigated resilience and sustainable development definitions, pathways and
goals at local and global level
• Hypothesized three relationships between resilience and sustainability based
on the literature review:
1. “A city can be sustainable but not resilient”
2. “A city can be resilient but not sustainable”
3. “If a city is resilient, it can be considered sustainable and vice versa”
• Reviewed and prepared a summary of resilient and sustainable plans for 10
American cities
• Correlated vision, targets and actions of 10 resilient plans to the 100RC (100
Resilient Cities) framework to analyze which plans follow a comprehensive
resilient framework based on these categories: (Health and Well-being,
Economy and Society, Infrastructure and Environment, Leadership and
• Developed the third hypothesis and used the summary of 10 resilient and
sustainable plans and their correlated model to argue that “Resilient plans can
help achieve sustainability”

Aug 2017 - May 2018


University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, US, Masters, Community Planning

- Focus: Sustainable Development, Urban Design, Transportation Planning, Economic Development
-Total semester credits: 63 CGPA: 3.8

Aug 2017 - current

Tehran University of Art, Tehran, IR, Bachelors, Urban Planning and Design

- Thesis Title: “Defining Principles of Child-Friendly Neighborhoods Based on Children’s Perception”
- Total semester credits: 142 CGPA: 3.9

Aug 2011 - Dec 2016


Urban Land Institute Al. Neyer Local Competition, Nomination

Selected as finalists


Graduate Scholarship, Scholarship

2017-2019 | Graduate Scholarship for 2 years from University of Cincinnati, School of Planning as an Exceptionally Talented student


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