Pei Yu (Michael) Wang

Pei Yu (Michael) Wang

Toronto, ON, CA

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I am a fourth-year undergraduate student from UofT St.George with great passion in architectural design. With only one semester away from finishing all my undergraduate courses, I am currently looking for an local intern and part-time opportunity for me to learn and gain experience which can prepare myself to put all my knowledge and heart back to the studio right after finishing University. I am a passionate  learner for new knowledge and a good team-worker with fluent Mandarin and English. 


Ten Ren's Tea Time, Toronto, ON, CA, Bar tender and Supervisor

 Supervise on the quality of drink and service with good communication between not only the customers but also the co-workers in order to satisfy customers’ needs and to achieve the balance at work.
 Continuously working under pressure for a few hours to serve the non-stop customers during weekends or rush hours.

Nov 2014 - Jul 2017

S.T. YEH Architecture & Planners, Tainan, TW, intern opportunity

 Adapt to new skills in model making during the intern in short time.
 Able to pick out the disjoint part of related line drawings while translating drawings into a model.

Jun 2015 - Jul 2015


University of Toronto, Toronto (St. George), BArch, Architecture

 Developed strong problem solving skills from designing architectural models in the university level Architectural courses
 Built basic design skills using certain computer programs like Rhino, Auto CAD, Illustrator, and Photoshop, through undergraduate training.
 Knowledge of line drawings and graphic representations of model.

Sep 2014 - current

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