Curtis P. Richardson

Curtis P. Richardson

Hamilton, BM



Whist in University I was exposed to many forms of Building Information Modeling software programs and found Revit to be my program of choice. As a result I have become extremely proficient with the use of this program from the conceptual to the most extreme stages in the building arts process with a final production of full sets of construction documents; utilizing  all Revit platforms ranging. Although Revit is my program of choice, I am also proficient in the use of all Auto CAD platforms as well. I am efficient in the wide range of Autodesk software programs focused on the building design field. In addition, my electronic design exposure includes, but not limited to, Micro Station, 3ds Max, Grasshopper and Rhino.

Although not found to be used in modern day design, I have had exposure to and mastered the techniques of hand drawing, hard line ink drafting, hand drawn rendering and sketch works.

My studies have given me the ability to be highly trained in all aspects of the building design industry and I am ready to put these skills to practical use.

Curtis P. Richardson, BFA Arch.                                                             C.V.
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Sandys,     MA01

To become an integral part of an Architectural Design, Interior Design and/or Engineering Firm where my academically acquired real world design experience, skills and knowledge, will allow me to make a commitment to the company. Thus sanctioning me to offer even more to the organization as a dedicated team member, having worked hard to secure a position. The outcome of which, the firm will reap all benefits that I have to offer.

My expertise is primary to securing an entry-level position post graduation. The experience with a firm such as yours will prove beneficial to the growth and increased productivity of the companies’ end product and it’s working body. Client satisfaction will be coupled with their appreciation of having received the final product of what the latest architectural design technology has to offer. My proficiency in these outlined areas continue to grow and improve.


SCAD, Savannah, Ga.
• BFA Architecture      Jan 2008 – August 2011

Academic Credentials
Architectural Design Studio I thru VI  Environmental Control I & II
Structures I & II       Physics for the Building Arts
Construction Technology I & II     Modern Architecture I & II
Electronic Design I & II      Drawing I, II, III
Graphics for the Building Arts      Survey of Western Art I & II
Visualization in Electronic Design     Introduction to Architecture
Architectural Design Fundamentals I, II & II    Professional Business Development

Proficiencies & Skills
Revit - All Platforms       Sight and Measuring
3D Rendering        Architectural Preservation
AutoCAD 2D & 3D - All Platforms     Compositional Layout
2D and 3D Compositional Modeling / Sculpture   Presentation Board Compilation
Adobe CS5: In Design, Illustrator, Photoshop    Perspective Drawing
Rhino + Grasshopper, MircoStation, 3dsMax    Technical Drafting
Microsoft Office       Hand Rendering

3D Printing (PAD and FDM), CNC Milling, Laser Cutting, Wood Working


Relevant Work Experience

The Studio
• Consultant Architect      June 2012 - Present
o Working with a team of architects and designers on high-end residential projects and commercial properties.

Peadel Architectural Designs
• Principal Designer      October 2011 - Present
o Prosperity to take on potential new clients.


SCAD The University for Creative Careers
• Architectural Designer      January 2008 – August 2011
o Lead designer in all aspects of real world design assignments where my practical experience was used.
o Revit Tutor

Bermuda Government Works & Engineering Architectural Division
• Internship       Summer 2008
o Architects Assistant
• National Trust Summer Program    Summer 2009
AutoCAD Production of drawing for a historical building


The Studio, Hamilton, Bermuda, Consultant Architect

Consultant on new and existing design projects.

Jun 2012 - current

Peadel Architectural Designs, Bermuda, Principal

Accepting and taking on new Architectural design work.
Highly Skilled with Revit
3D Rendering
This is an ongoing position in my registered Architectural Design Firm.

Sep 2011 - current


SCAD The University for Creative Careers, Savannah, GA, US, BArch, Architecture, BFA

SCAD was accreditted from College to University status quo'.

Jun 2010 - Aug 2011

Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA, US, BArch, Architecture

Highly accredited in all aspects of the the building arts and graphic design.
Extremely demanding and high standards expected of staff and students.
Well rounded and prepared to work in the field.
One of the top universities offering degrees in architecture.
Professional staff.
Real world expectations enphasized and enforced.

Jan 2008 - Jun 2010


National Training Board Award, Award

Government Award


Ministry of Education, Bermuda, Grant

Further Education Award


Knowledge Quest Scholarship, Scholarship

Local Private Scholarship


Green Family Scholarship, Scholarship

Private charity scholarship


Areas of Specialization