Paul D'Errico

Paul D'Errico

Hudson, NY, US



I'm Paul D'Errico. I specialize in design and fabrication of Furniture and Home Accessories with a unique aesthetic and functional appeal.  I prefer to challenge current notions of design in order to progress general appeal and traditional ideals of possession and value.  I want all of my work to contain a narrative that evokes pride in ownership...

Recently, I have focused on fabrication and extension of design understanding through the build environment.  Utilizing my craftsmanship skills, I have worked to understand the nature of the builder/fabricator in the world of design.  This, however, is only a stepping stone.  With this newly discovered knowledge, I strive to be more of an asset to the world of design and the needs of clients.



digifabshop, Hudson, Ny, Cabinet Maker

Digifabshop, as a forerunner in providing architectural services, naturally forces the Cabinet Maker/Furniture Fabricators to push to refine their level of craft, ingenuity, and cleverness in engineering and manufacturing. The company specializes in providing architectural services and the completion of the most demanding of designs.

With this company, I work in a multitude of materials, bridging the gap between the architect's vision and the final product. The is includes varying degrees of woodworking, welding, finishing, and working with modern technologies like laser cutting and CNC milling. My immediate role is a constantly evolving one, taking care of any task required to complete the challenging projects.

Oct 2013 - current

Digilabs at SCAD, Savannah, GA, Lab Technician

This job involved a vast understanding of rapid prototyping and laser cutting technologies. My tasks included working hand in hand with the student body of the Savannah College of Art and Design in order to complete various course work. Laser cutters and 3D printers were employed to fabricate an infinite number of projects.

The job allowed me extensive experience with Solidworks, Rhino, AutoCAD, and the entire Adobe Creative Suites. Likewise, I gained a detailed understanding of the capabilities and limitations of laser cutting and 3D printing technologies.

Mar 2012 - Oct 2013

SAE Institute of Miami, North Miami Beach, FL, US, Director of Education

Upon graduating Valedictorian from SAE Institute in 2003, I was asked to join the company as an Audio Supervisor assisting students one-on-one in lab settings. From there, I worked my way up the ranks to the Director of Education.

Before changing over to a design career path, I was a full-time lecturer, manager of a staff of full and part-time lecturers, writing and adapting curriculum, and working with the entire student body, staff, and faculty to revamp and update the audio technology learning experience.

Jan 2004 - Oct 2010


Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA, US, Bachelors, Furniture Design

The Bachelor of Arts in Furniture Design program provided me with the knowledge necessary to navigate the challenging world of design. I graduated SCAD Summa Cum Laude and was awarded the Dean's Award for my accomplishments during my final year.

Furniture Design provided a launchpad for understanding design. During my time at SCAD I gained an understanding of the importance of the relationship between user and product/service. I was able to define processes for creation that worked best for me. I was able to mentally grab hold of the essence of design and its benefit to mankind.

Jan 2011 - Jul 2013

SAE Institute of Miami, North Miami Beach, FL, Audio Technology

The Audio Technology Diploma obtained at SAE gave me the broad understanding of the world of audio engineering, preparing me for a variety of different career paths that involve sound. I enjoyed the field so much, I decided to stay on with the school, eventually becoming a lecturer. My specialties included Acoustics, the effects of sound on the brain, large format consoles, sound design, and a number of basics involved in recording and mixing audio.

Mar 2004 - Dec 2004


Dean's Award for Excellence, 1st Place

This was awarded for my work during my final semesters at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Work that won this award can be seen on my website:


Areas of Specialization