Sebastian Parolin

Sebastian Parolin

Montevideo, UY



The study of the idea behind the architectural form is something that always interested me. Where it comes from, how to read it, and how does it materializes are aspects that make the core from which the project develops.

My job experience has been wide and diverse, which has led me the versatility to face different situations.

I am seeking to be part of a group where I can contribute with my skills as well as keep learning and developing as a professional. 


Estudio Set, Montevideo, UY, CAD Operator - Design staff - Coordinator Assistant

International retail projects development.

Working at schematic design and design development stages. Participation from the drafting stage to the setting of materiality in the corresponding parts (plans, elevations, sections and construction details), both as Cad operator as assistant (or sub coordinator) of the overall project coordinator.

The dynamics is developed through a fluid contact with local coordinators which mark the design guidelines, then we translate those ideas using the design criteria consistent with the technology of this type of program.

Aug 2011 - current

Paroln Hnos., Montevideo, UY, Coordinator - Furniture Designer

A family business focused on woodworking.

Contributing from design, but also participating in the coordination and construction management as well as budgeting and customer contact.

Jan 2001 - current

Arq. Rodrigo Martirena, Montevideo, UY, CAD Operator - Design staff - 3D modeller

Preparation of technical drawings and 3d models for audiovisual projects.

Jan 2006 - Dec 2013

Arq. Leonardo Gomez, Montevideo, UY, CAD Operator - Design staff - 3D modeller

Preparation of technical drawings for residential and commercial projects.

Nov 2007 - Jan 2010

MEC, Ministerio de Educación y Cultura, Montevideo, UY, CAD Operator - Works Supervisor

Construction planning office.

Survey of the existing properties belonging to the MEC. This task included the drawings of the buldings layout as well as a report detailing the condition of the property both at the facility and management level.

Some featured buildings:
- Visual Arts National Museum
- Anthropology Museum
- The National Libray

May 2007 - May 2008

Conalco, Montevideo, UY, CAD Operator

Residential projects development including the facilities and fittings coordination.

Jan 2007 - Aug 2007

Secoin, Montevideo, UY, CAD Operator

Preparation of technical drawings and 3d models for engineering projects.

Jan 2007 - Jul 2007

Arq. Williams Bradford, Montevideo, UY, CAD Operator - Project coordinator

Preparation of technical drawings for a residential project including the facilities and fittings coordination.

May 2006 - Nov 2006


University of the Republic (Uruguay), Montevideo, UY, BArch, Architecture

The career in architecture in the UdelaR develops reinforcing all the knowledge involved in the profession in the field of architecture workshop. Workshop courses extend two modules per year in a total of six years, including two years of urbanism design.

Other strengths of the career are history and theory of art and architecture, the structural study of projects, and additional courses of building facilities and fittings.

The University enables every student to make an academic trip near the end of the course where emblematic works around the world are visited.

Emphasizes the multidisciplinary orientation of the career with so many different courses such as sociology, construction, legal orientation, etc..

The University of the Republic is the most important school of the country and one of the most featured regionally with important exponents of international significance

Mar 2000 - Mar 2012

Areas of Specialization