Parjanya Kadali

Parjanya Kadali

New York, NY, US

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As a young architect entering the work force, alongside the skill sets of technological advances, I bring my drive towards the Sustainability movement. 

The CLIMATE CHANGE crisis is boiling over and if not now, when do we start to fix what we've broken. 

In my religious practices, I've worked very hard to beat my ego and slag. 

Driven to make a change and learn, from every nerve ending in my brain. 

The Oppressed voices are to be heard.  


Ravi Teja Architect, Hyderabad, IN, Architecture Interiors Intern

Handled interior renovations with Clientelle, took upcharge to develop color schemes and developments of the client's interests alongside the Agency of my employer.
Budgeting and Passing on the rendered image to make the accomodating change.
Deployed many site visits with masons and workers on-site for the purpose of the agency.

Sep 2020 - Nov 2020


New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), New York City, High School, B. Arch

Computational Design to push the Urban Landscape for the purpose of going back to green energy and to delete the usage of nonrenewable and harmful toxins being released into the environment.

Emphasis is being put on many students to take the full weight of reducing the harm a building would cause on this planet.

Concept development for the traditional simplicity of harmony in the nature of the program and site itself.

Jan 2018 - current