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London, GB


Lacy Brick, Harringay

This is a quirky house, an Edwardian terrace which has been sliced off at an angle by the adjoining road. This resulted in a small kitchen which was out of balance with the rest of the house. In consultation with the clients we proposed a compact volume that gave them the additional space they needed whilst not destroying the character of the original house, in particular the dining room with it’s original stain glass doors leading out onto the patio.

Brick was chosen to compliment the original building where we wanted to have a bit of fun with the pattern of the brickwork. Lisa, the client, is a fashion designer and, like us, enjoys creating patterns out of ordinary objects. After exploring many styles we decided upon laying the bricks in a flemish bond with protruding headers creating what we referred to together as a ‘Lacy Brick’ pattern. Lisa was closely involved with the selection of the actual brick, together we chose a brick with an uneven surface and extravert splotches of colour, the ‘Hectic red’ brick by Weinerberger, as it seemed to capture Lisa’s sense of humour and fun.

The main structure of the house is timber frame with ply cladding lapped and glued on either side, this acts as a beam to span over the corner window opening. The windows and doors are made of English Oak by a local joiner. Whilst the bricks themselves provide a sustainable and robust external skin.

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Status: Built
Location: London, GB